Broadway shows: Complete guide to visiting the Great White Way

So you wanna catch a Broadway show? Here’s all you need to know to maximize your New York theater adventure.



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Photograph: Greg Allen/Rex USA

What’s proper stage-door etiquette?

Do you (or more likely, your Glee-obsessed tween) just want the experience of standing outside the theater for an autograph? If so, skip the stars (who usually take forever to emerge and sometimes blow off their fans) and go for a member of the chorus. The gypsies, as they’re known in the biz, come prancing right out after the performance and will most likely be thrilled to sign your program or pose for a pic. If you’re after a celebrity—especially one best known in Hollywood—be prepared to wait among a throng of out-of-towners and eBayers hoping to get big bucks for Tom Hanks’s scrawl. Some general rules apply: Stay behind the barricades, or risk the wrath of the theater staff or cops. When the star appears, stay calm but be assertive—he may only sign a limited number of autographs, if he does at all. And leave that box set of Bosom Buddies at home: It’s customary for performers to sign the Playbill, not random memorabilia.

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