The best places to relax in NYC

Unclench your teeth, unhunch your shoulders and follow our guide to lowering your stress level



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The best places to relax: New York Botanical Garden

The best places to relax: New York Botanical Garden Photograph: Mick Hales

Looking for somewhere to unwind and escape from the busy streets of New York? Whether you are looking for a secluded, quiet spot or simply the best places to relax and chill out, there are lots of options within the five boroughs. Or, pack a bag for a relaxing weekend getaway outside the city.

Where to relax in NYC

Chill out

Find some inner peace and tranquility at these spots around the city. From parks and gardens to museums, these places are sure to help you chill the eff out

Secluded spots

There’s no need to leave the five boroughs to get away from it all. New York’s parks and gardens offer cheap, easy trips to hidden spots of natural beauty

Find quiet

If you're searching for a spot where you can shut out the noise of garbage trucks, screaming children (or adults) and the subway's screech—so, you know, the usual NYC din—head to one of our favorite quiet spots in the city

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