City stories: Jennifer Weldon, 29, in Central Park

An interview with a New Yorker and her pooch: "She had a doggie date—we thought it would be a good match, but it wasn't"



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Photograph: Jorge Quinteros

Who's this?
This is Joon, it means baby in Farsi. My boyfriend is Persian. He got her for me for my birthday three weeks ago. It’s her first time in Central Park, so she’s very excited.

How is she taking to apartment life?
She’s very top-heavy, so she falls over a lot. She rolls around and can’t keep herself up.

Is this her debut on the social scene?
Actually, she had a doggie date earlier this week; my girlfriend has a five-year-old shih tzu. We thought it would be a good match, but it wasn't. He was growling at her. She kept trying to start play, but he wasn’t into her at all.

Is she old enough to start dating?
I think so—she’s mature for her age.

No funky outfits for her?
She does have an Easter dress. It’s purple with all these bows.

Will you wear matching dresses?
Hell no! I’m not that sick.

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