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It’s Columbus Day! Celebrate by booking for Discovering Columbus

You may not have been able to see the Columbus Day parade, but you can book free tickets to see artist Tatzu Nishi's Discovering Columbus.

Photograph: Tom Powel Imaging; courtesy Public Art Fund

Tatzu Nishi, Discovering Columbus

Photograph: Tom Powel Imaging; courtesy Public Art Fund

Tatzu Nishi, Discovering Columbus

Photograph: Tom Powel Imaging

Tatzu Nishi, Discovering Columbus


Tatzu Nishi, Discovering Columbus, under construction

Photograph: Nicholas Baume
Christopher Columbus statue in Columbus Circle
Were you given Columbus Day off work? Yeah, us neither. Still, today serves as a neat reminder to book free tickets to see one of our favorite pieces of public art this fall, Japanese artist Tatzu Nishi's site-specific piece Discovering Columbus. With the assistance of the Public Art Fund, Nishi has built a fully furnished living room around the statue of the Italian explorer in Columbus Circle.

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We highly recommend making the six-story climb. The work provides a close-up, rarely seen perspective on the figure, which shows the wear and tear of city living. There are also views south on Broadway and east along Central Park South to the vanishing point—something we've previously seen only when arriving in Manhattan on the Roosevelt Island Tram.

The work also has an amusing effect on visitors. After taking pictures of the statue, people tend to respond to the surroundings by reclining on the couches and chairs, picking up today's newspaper or watching the television (tuned to CNN when we were there) and generally making themselves feel right at home.

We also advise image-searching Nishi before setting out. We were informed after we left that he was hanging out in the exhibit during our visit. Tickets are available at publicartfund.org through November 6.


Justin D
Justin D

Discovery?! LMAOOOO, more like murderer and thief!