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New York Comic Con

Nuff said.


FIGHT EVIL! The 2009 New York Comic Con: Javits Center, 665 W 34th St at Eleventh Ave (212-216-2000, nycomiccon.com). Fri 6--Sun 8, $30--$50.

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Heroes and villains

Three Con panelists tell all—just don’t use it against them.

Matt Fraction, writer, Uncanny X-Men, The Five Fists of Science, Thor: Reign of Blood
My dream superpower: “I’d have the ability to trick other people into doing my work for me, while still taking full credit and payment and basking in the nigh-untold number of accolades that would surely come my way. It’d be great. People would still call me a 'writer’ when really I’d just get to dick around all day, hang out with my wife and play with my baby.”
My great archnemesis: “The Editor. He would not stand for those kinds of shenanigans and would shoot rays out of his face that would inexorably force me to actually do work, research, spell-check and so on. The Editor is an awful dick from another planet who is constantly harshing my boner for fun.”
My fatal weakness: “The need for sleep, and RSI-wracked hands and wrists. Seriously. Just poke me real hard in the wrist and I bet I’d fold like a lawn chair.”


Barry Levine, president of Radical Comics
My dream superpower: “I wish I could teleport to our studio in Singapore and our offices in London. I despise the long flights.”
My great archnemesis: “Time. At my age, the clock is ticking, and that’s why everything has a mandate—there’s never enough time, so we have to get it done now.”
My fatal weakness: “My inability to accept a second-place finish. I have tattooed on my arm: he who does not hope to win has already lost.”


Adam Kubert, artist, X-Men, Incredible Hulk, Wolverine
My dream superpower: “I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t love to fly. As a kid I had this dream in which I’d be hovering high above my house looking down. I would know I was dreaming and I’d try really hard not to wake up. It never worked.”
My great archnemesis: “My worst enemy is Dead Line. He always has my back up against the wall.”
My fatal weakness: “Chrome. I can’t pass a Harley dealership without buying some.”—As told to Drew Toal


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