The best affordable NYC apartments

Take heart, brave New Yorker! There are great, affordable NYC apartments out there. Just look at these…



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On the list of "things that are impossible," finding a good deal on a New York apartment ranks just above "tap-dancing on the nose cone of an inbound Polaris missile" (and ever so slightly below "watching an episode of Two and a Half Men without vomiting blood"). In general, you're looking for three things: a place you can afford, a place in your desired neighborhood, and a place that can actually fit both you and your possessions within its walls at the same time. Generally speaking, you're lucky if you manage two of those three things in NYC, but don't despair—there are good apartments out there. Every week, we're rounding up five spacious places that cost between $1,000 and $2,000 per month per renter—see our picks below.

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