What makes you a true New Yorker?

We asked notable city dwellers to share their recommendations and advice.



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Jake Dobkin

Jake Dobkin

Jake Dobkin, publisher and cofounder of Gothamist (gothamist.com)
“Go to 5Pointz (45-46 Davis St at Jackson Ave, Long Island City, Queens; 317-219-2685, 5ptz.com) to see the graffiti. It’s still the best place to see traditional New York graffiti in the five boroughs. Or eat a knish at Yonah Schimmel Knish Bakery (137 E Houston St between Eldridge and Forsyth Sts; 212-477-1002, knishery.com). It’s just about the last remaining restaurant from the old Lower East Side.”

“[The day I felt like a New Yorker was…] probably the day I was born here 35 years ago. Although I think anyone who gets mugged on the subway should get an honorary citizenship. Being a native New Yorker means always having the trump card in any argument about gentrification. Like when all your friends are complaining about how their favorite restaurant became a Starbucks, you can tell them about how before it was a restaurant, it was a bodega that sold ninja stars under the counter—but really it was a front for the neighborhood cocaine dealers. That tends to shut them up real fast. Of course, that’s why most native New Yorkers have very few friends.”

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