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You'll spot this humble church from the queues of pilgrims from Catholic countries all over the world, all waiting to catch a glimpse of its most famous occupant: Pražské Jezulátko, or Il Bambino di Praga, such a star that Czech children await Christmas presents from him rather than from good old Santa Claus. This 400-year-old wax effigy of the baby Jesus draws admirers, letters and cash from believers, and is also credited with performing innumerable miracles - there are more than 100 stone plaques expressing gratitude. The figure was brought from Spain to Prague in the 17th century and placed under the care of the Carmelite nuns, just in time to protect them from the plague. It was later granted miracle status by the Catholic Church.
A wardrobe of more than 60 outfits befits the dazzling doll's reputation: the babe is always magnificently turned out, his clothes changed by the Order of English Virgins at sunrise on selected days over the past 200 years. Although he's said to be anatomically correct, the nuns' blushes are spared by a specially designed wax undershirt. At the back of the church is a shamelessly commercial gift shop, jostling with miraculous souvenirs.

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Karmelitská 9,
Prague 1

Area Prague

Transport Tram 12, 22 .

Telephone 257 533 646

Open 8.30am-7pm Mon-Sat; 8.30am-8pm Sun.

Admission free.