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This born-again family restaurant under the towering walls of the Quirinal palace is one of the few really reliable addresses in the menu turistico dominated Trevi Fountain area. When weather permits, you can dine outside, plant-screened from the tourist crocodiles and their umbrella-waving guides; inside, the decor is cool (though a tad bare) and restful antique-modern. The creative Italian menu is strong on fish, but there are plenty of meat dishes as well, including an excellent, ultra-Roman coda alla vaccinara. Primi take in soups, pasta and rice dishes, including a fine risotto of verza (cabbage) and red prawns; one of the highlights of the secondi is the coda di rospo (anglerfish) on a bed of lentils. Desserts are delicious, and the wine list one of the best in Rome in this price range. There is also a good selection of wines by the glass and, in the evening, an intelligent range of taster menus, from €50 up.

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Al Presidente details

Via in Arcione 94-95

Area Rome

Transport Bus 52, 53, 61, 62, 63, 71, 80Exp, 95, 116, 119, 175, 490, 630.

Telephone 06 679 7342

Al Presidente website

Open Meals served 1-3.30pm, 8-11.30pm Tue-Sun. Closed 3wks Jan & 3wks Aug.

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Comments & ratings 1/5 (Average of 8 ratings)

By Mateo - Aug 8 2015

Malísima experiencia. Un ROBO en toda regla. El camarero primero te enreda con las recomendaciones que luego resultan tener otro precio a la hora de pagar. Cuidado, hay precios en la carta que están en gramos de comida, otra forma de enredarte porque si pides carne como en nuestro caso te ponen 1Kg para robarte el máximo posible. Todo es una estafa de principio a fin, además el servicio es lentísimo. NO VAYAIS NUNCA.

By Phil T - Mar 19 2015

“Scam and fraudulent BAIT AND SWITCH, like many others report!”

My daughter had her heart on sea bass, and after looking on the menu posted in the front, pointed to a 20 euro meal which had English translation to sea bass. The man out front told us this particular meal was raw, (which the menu failed to mention) but ensured us they could cook it. He escorted us inside, and we ordered three of the sea bass meals. I should have known something was not right when they brought out three large cooked fish and filleted it in front of us. Thank God we did not order wine this night, as we were leaving in the morning. We estimated our bill to be 82 Euro for the fish, water, an potatoes. Imagine our surprise when the meal was 202 Euro, with each fish meal costing 60 Euro each, not 20 as listed in the menu. We protested and showed the waiter the meal in the menu we originally inquired about, and he told us that could not be prepared cooked.... exactly opposite what the person outside told us. The waiter told us only after we protested we were charged by weight of the sea bass. None of this was mentioned during ordering .. just like many others reported. Fish, potatoes, and water ... 202 Euro, also the 10% service charge was not explained nor noticed on the menu. After reading the other reviews I actually feel lucky I did not order anything else. The day after using my credit here, a restaurant charged and was declined by my credit card company a $2800 charge for "flooring".

By Alejandro L - Mar 14 2015

A shame! This is the worst restaurant that I've seen in my life.

They cheat tourists trying to charge in the bill as much as possible, including the price some things you have not asked (salad, vegetables....).javascript:;

And one advice... NEVER ask them for advice, they try to cheat you if they can.

I hopefully someday close inspection Some Hagan them and what .

By Arie - Oct 7 2013

Do NOT eat here. Maffia! Criminals!!!!

By Ignacio G - Sep 11 2013

Sitio malo, engañan a los turistas y cobran precios desmesurados. Caro y mal atendido.

By Diane Maybank - Mar 25 2013

food (meat) appeared in about 3 minutes, so when was it cooked? It was luke warm. Had prosecco by the glass & it was about two sips for 8 euros. Dessert was way too sweet & probably 5-6 days old as it was stale & dry. about 9 euros was added to bill for no reason so we left without leaving a tip. avoid this place!

By Anne - Apr 24 2012

Warning warning!!! Never ever visit this "restaurant". We have been there the 24.04.12 and the start of the evening was ok. But now after leaving this "restaurant" we feel really cheated!!!! The woman order T-bone steak, and got a bill for 800 g of meat. The meny said 7 euro per 100 grams, but nobody said how big it was, and what woman will eat a 800 g of meat?? The waiter must tell the customer about the appr size. We could accept appr 200-300 g, but 800 g!!! We are really pissed!! Do not visit this place for taking a meal or for something to drink. They will treet you.

By Travellerbbg - Mar 31 2012

Upon entering the restaurant and brought to the table, we started going through the menu. Saw that a bottle of water was 4euro. Pretty normal for a lot of restaurants in Europe. But, the bottle of still water that came was less than half full so we were left with just a bit after the waiter was done filling our two small cups.
My husband requested for a full bottle and thereafter, the waiters started to ignore us. Come to think of it, we must have set off an alarm in their head that if we care enough about the half filled water, we most likely will not be ripped off by them.
The waiter who was in charged of our table was originally a monkey face guy called Roberto. He might as well be named monkey since that was what he looked like and how he behaved.
When we wanted to place our order, money face refused to take it and the manager got another guy to take it for us. Fine, when we did not want any wine, the look of disappointment was clear. ( my husband can't take wine n I did not feel like drinking alone that night )
An American couple was seated next to us, monkey face promptly ignored us and went on to sell everything in the restaurant to them. When our napkins were wet, we requested for new ones, he heard it but ignored us.
When our food came, 3 plates were too big for the table. We requested for one serving plate to be removed, they pretended that they did not hear us and walked away. My husband removed the plate himself as they pretended not to see us.
When we were done, refused all desserts after having zero service from them, it took 3 reminders and no bill came.
My husband walked into the restaurant where the cashier was and requested for the bill. I was seated outside waiting and monkey face was complaining loudly in Italian. Really. If u have a problem. Tell it to us in English. But they did not cos from the reviews here, I gather that they were upset they did not have a chance to add things into the bill.
Anyway, my husband waited and waited as the cashier started moving away to write on the bill, my husband followed him and he stopped, walked back to the cashier and handed him the bill without writing what he wZnted to.
We paid our bill, no one said anything to us as we walked out.
Despite being made to feel unwelcome, I'm glad that they did not manage to get more out of us.
We spoke to the hotel and them and heard that they are very unpopular in Rome.
Really, why choose to be thieves when you can be upright. And why get angry when you don't get your way when you wZnted to short-chAnge another?

Rome is beautiful though it's very commercialised.
Al presidente spoils it's name and my general impression of Italians.

By kurta - Dec 28 2011

don't go there. they rippyou off. As first comment says, you cant' find the service in the menu book. We had to pay 20 % service of the amount.

By Graham - May 31 2011

The worse experience we had in Rome. Wish we had read all the trip advisor reviews. Don't eat here they are out to rip you off

By noel - Nov 12 2010

As the first review said; this restaurant was the worst place we had the opportunity to have dinner in, during our stay in Rome. Poor service, poor food and high bill. Fly away !

By Colin Buzzard - Oct 8 2010

We just ate (October 8). Food was mediocre; service was terrible and arrogant; steak was blood red instead of medium; 10 euro "service charge" included even though service was beyond bad. Said it was indicated in menu that service charge is applied, but it was never found. Complaint made to Mastercard.