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Gelato in Rome
Photograph: Shutterstock

Eat the best gelato in Rome at these 13 spots

You'll never forget your first Rome gelato, or your second, or your third...

Written by
Angela Corrias

After a long, hot day of taking in the sights of the Italian capital, you’re going to need something refreshing. Something cold. Something that comes in a variety of different, scoopable flavours (and you can even eat the cone!). Yes, we’re talking about ice cream. And Rome’s gelato offerings are the stuff of dreams. The best part? The average price of a scoop is around €1.50-3.00. Why not get three?

For our list, an important ranking factor was unique gelato flavours. You don’t want to taste some ice cream you could’ve had back home. We also ranked our favourite parlours on the ingredients used, the neighbourhood, and the vibe of the whole place. We love a good gelato parlour with an Instagrammable interior. As an extra treat, we’ve recommended the flavours you need to try at each spot. Here is where to get the best gelato in Rome. 

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Best gelato in Rome

Fassi Gelateria
Photograph: Courtesy TripAdvisor/Fassi Gelateria

1. Fassi Gelateria

Number one in our list is Fassi Gelateria. While lots of the most famous spots have become tourist-ified, playing Coldplay inside and bringing in huge queues, Fassi has remained authentic. It’s been serving up gelato, cakes and semifreddi (Italian frozen dessert) since 1880, so it’s a proper traditional gem, but its innovative menu keeps locals and tourists coming back again and again. Grab a cone or a Sicilian-style brioche with a scoop inside, or if you’re craving something more, try a sanpietrini, which is literally shaped like the cobbles on the streets outside (but is actually ice cream covered in chocolate). 

Must-try flavours: Zuppa Inglese (English soup), currant, pistachio, eggnog.

Günther Gelato Italiano

2. Günther Gelato Italiano

Due to its popularity over the years, Gunther now has three locations across Rome, which are all found at the very heart of the city. But its original spot opened in 2012. The pride and joy of this particular spot are its ingredients, which are all carefully selected and sourced. The organic milk comes from local farmers, the fruits are all seasonal, and the water comes directly from the Plose mountain. This is gelato done proper. 

Must-try flavours: Ricotta stregata, eggnog, mug pine.

Come Il Latte
photograph: Courtesy TripAdvisor/jeongsu

3. Come Il Latte

When you enter Come Il Latte in the Sallustiano quarter, you’ll immediately notice chef Nicoletta Chiacchiari's expertise in scenography (she used to be a scenographer). An elegant and carefully-designed interior is the perfect surrounding for the luscious gelato experience. The ice cream is always fresh, the wafer handmade and the chocolate drizzled on top makes for a delicious decoration. Freshness is key, and an appreciation for every used ingredient is apparent.

Must-try flavours: Salted caramel, mascarpone with Gentilini cookies, ricotta with caramelised figs and hazelnut.

Brivido Gelateria
Photograph: Courtesy TripAdvisor/MStellaD

4. Brivido Gelateria

Brivido, in the former working-class Testaccio neighbourhood, has been churning out traditional artisan gelato every day since 1986. The all-natural (no artificial colouring, sweeteners or preservatives are used) treats range from classic to original creations inspired by regional cakes and the chef’s imagination. For a more sinful experience, dip your gelato in hot chocolate before tucking into it. There is a vast assortment of vegan and sugar-free options as well. 

Must-try flavours: Sugar-free chocolate, vegan raspberry, salted peanuts, eggnog.

Photograph: Courtesy TripAdvisor/dapper777

5. Otaleg

Found in the hip Trastevere neighbourhood, all-natural gelato by Otaleg has quickly become an institution in Rome, championing a slow-making process and a careful selection of ingredients. Here, quality is preferred to quantity, resulting in an extraordinary consistency. The flavours change often, and some of the most creative (read: must-haves) are the salty cacio e pepe and fava beans with Pecorino cheese. The eggnog with Marsala wine and the fruit sorbets, think passion fruit and strawberry, are also outstanding – when in season, of course.

Must-try flavours: Passion fruit, strawberry, mango with dark chocolate chips, Greek pistachio, eggnog with Marsala wine.

Photograph: Courtesy TripAdvisor/Javi

6. Fiordiluna

A minimalist approach (some flavours are made with only two ingredients), little to no use of sugar and an indisputable creamy texture have made Fiordiluna gelato a favourite in the trendy Trastevere neighbourhood for some thirty years. Working with smaller producers, the owners use high-quality ingredients, including fruits that are seasonal and fresh. This is a small shop with limited seating options, so grab your gelato on a cone, a cup or a brioche (yes, you read that right) and enjoy it on the go.

Must-try flavours: Chocolate with Sichuan pepper, black cherry ripple, Fred (custard with cookies); pistachio and hazelnut with dark chocolate.

Gelateria del Teatro
Photograph: Courtesy TripAdvisor/Yağmur K.

7. Gelateria del Teatro

Hardly a day goes by without long queues of tourists and locals waiting for their sweet fix at Gelateria del Teatro. The attentive production methods employed seek to enhance every single ingredient, and creative flavours sit side by side with original creations like sage and raspberry, rosemary, honey and lemon, or lavender and white peach. Dairy, egg and gluten-free folks rejoice! Appropriate flavours are marked as such. Pro tip: the best way to enjoy the gelato here is on a cone, with olive oil and sugar-free fresh cream on top. 

Must-try flavours: Sage and raspberry, favetta strawberry from Terracina, orange Sacher, Avola extra-dark chocolate.

La Gourmandise
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Erika N.

8. La Gourmandise

This small and seemingly unassuming ice cream shop in Monteverde has welcomed gelato lovers since 2010. Chef Dario Benelli gives life to daring flavours that will tickle even the most sophisticated palates by combining unexpected ingredients like helichrysum, thyme and juniper with high-quality eggs and goat milk as well as seasonal fruits, with an eye towards dairy and gluten intolerances.

Must-try flavours: Raspberry in rose water, saffron and walnuts cream, Roman mint with lemon zest, almond on salt crust.

Photograph: Courtesy TripAdvisor/JMchgo

9. FataMorgana

FataMorgana counts nine shops on its Roman roster. Taranto-born Maria Agnese Spagnuolo is the mastermind behind the daring yet spot-on combinations of all-natural and high-quality ingredients that patrons easily get addicted to. Flavours rotate often, depending on seasonal availability, but what is never missing is a wise and creative blend of spices, herbs, nuts and seeds, fresh fruits, cereals, honey and spirits, chocolate and coffee.

Must-try flavours: Thought (pink grapefruit, ginger, horseradish and lemon zest); avocado, lime and white wine; punch (strawberry, white wine and lemon); Panacea (almond milk, fresh mint and ginseng); Pollicina (walnuts, rose petals and violet flowers).

Neve di Latte
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Gabriele V.

10. Neve di Latte

This all-natural gelateria has two branches, one close to the MAXXI (Museum of Contemporary Art and Architecture) and one in the Prati neighbourhood. At both destinations, enjoy your treat while comfortably sitting in modern and minimalist décor. The focus is on organic and biodynamic ingredients, which are carefully selected. The creams are rich and flavourful, the fruit sorbets are velvety and succulent, and the cherry brittle version is heavenly.

Must-try flavours: Cherry brittle with hazelnuts and chocolate, maple syrup and crumble, orange sorbet, raspberry sorbet.

Gelateria dei Gracchi

11. Gelateria dei Gracchi

A famous gelato shop in the Prati area not far from the Vatican, Gelateria dei Gracchi is not a place to linger. The almost always present queue and the small interior only allow for a grab-and-go experience, but the excellence of the product makes it all worth it. Enjoy your gelato while strolling around Cola di Rienzo shopping street and towards the Vatican. 

Must-try flavours: Dark chocolate with orange, apple and cinnamon, toasted almond with orange.

Al Settimo Gelo
Photograph: Courtesy TripAdvisor/Giovanni S.

12. Al Settimo Gelo

Self-taught chef Mirella Fiumanò founded the open-laboratory gelateria Al Settimo Gelo in 1997. Located in the busy Prati area, it offers a mouth-watering selection of creams and dairy-free fruit sorbets. Among the classics, some flavours to try are Avola almond and wild blackberries sorbet. If you feel like exploring savoury treats, absolute epicurean delights are the cardamom-based Afghan gelato, the Persian-inspired saffron and rose water, and sheep-milk ricotta with caramelised figs.

Must-try flavours: Afghan (cardamom-based), Persian (saffron and rose water), ricotta with caramelised figs.

Fiocco di Neve
Photograph: Courtesy TripAdvisor/Fiocco di Neve

13. Fiocco di Neve

Fiocco di Neve displays a wide range of flavours a stone's throw away from the Pantheon. Among the classics, try Riso del Moro with rice, chocolate and cinnamon, or tiramisu. If you enjoy culinary experiments, the ricotta with pistachio and mint chocolate won’t disappoint. The polished contemporary interior comes equipped with footstools, ideal for resting before resuming your historical sightseeing.

Must-try flavours: Riso del Moro, ricotta with pistachio, tiramisu, chocolate with mint.

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