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This is an attempt at a New York-style bar, with steel and wood decor. It pays lip service to the 'news' theme with racks of papers and a non-stop satellite news screen. But behind the façade it's a regular Roman bar with better than average lunch options (salads, soups, pastas, filled rolls) and cakes, including muffins and brownies. The seating is cramped - unless you are lucky enough to secure one of the few outside tables - and the service can sometimes be a little offhand. Be sure to check out the loo… amazing.

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News Café details

Via della Stamperia 72

Area Rome

Transport Metro Barberini/bus 52, 53, 61, 62, 63, 71, 80Exp, 95, 116, 119, 175, 492, 630.

Telephone 06 6992 3473

Open Apr-Sept 8am-2am daily. Oct-Mar 8am-1am daily. Closed 1wk Aug.

Comments & ratings 3/5 (Average of 2 ratings)