Cuba's Plantation Economy: Unplugged

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Cuba's Plantation Economy: Unplugged
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Cuba's Plantation Economy: Unplugged says
Presenting to the United Tea Party of Georgia.

This is the unplugged version of the Cuba presentation. Many slides and stories that previously held back due to the gruesome nature of the brutality of the Castro's will be included in this version of the "Cuba's Plantation Economy"


You've heard of the external embargo against Cuba.But you never heard of Cuba's own internal embargo against it's own people. An embargo that makes Cuba no different than a plantation or company town where nothing belongs to anyone nor will it ever. Cubans are little more than chattel property paid in scrip. Alex Gimenez, the son of Cuban immigrants, and a life long Republican, documents the reality that still exists inside Cuba. A reality hidden by the Cuban regime, and ignored by the US media and special interests pressuring for investing in Cuba.

But there is more to the story. There are slides, many slides that I've never shown during my Cuba presentation.

Now that this President has visited these butchers, I'm rolling out the uncensored, gruesome version.

I've been sparing audiences - to cite just one of many facts I have held back on- opn the fact that this regime drained the blood of those to be executed, so they could sell it, propping them up so they could be shot by a firing squad and buried. Including an American citizen that he did it to. A US veteran living peacefully in Cuba but murdered by Fidel Castro in the manner described.

The Castro's also had Cuban farmers buried alive who dared to defend their farms and families from these criminals. Raul ordered them buried alive. This was during a rebellion you've probably never heard of : The Escambray Rebelliion fought on the island of Cuba. One of the fiercest fighters was a woman who's family, a family of farmers, had been wiped out. She was surrounded, beaten and then shot to death.

These and other stories will be told that evening. Don't miss it. Don't think it won't be gut wrenching for me to present this. But it has to be done. It's my mother's and brother's homeland and homeland I never knew.
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