Death Valley Girls W/ Death Stuff, Nag (Members Of Predator), & Glazer

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Death Valley Girls W/ Death Stuff, Nag (Members Of Predator), & Glazer
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Death Valley Girls W/ Death Stuff, Nag (Members Of Predator), & Glazer says

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Think of Death Valley Girls as an acid-tripping science experiment that’s been buried alive, and resurrected as a sexually liberated dystopian chain-gang. A cosmic scar, if you will, on the hills of Echo Park, where the experiment began in 2014 by proto-punk Bonnie Bloomgarden and guitarist Larry Schemel — who got lost in the desert, returned to their haunted garage in Echo Park, and pieced together their vision with shopworn images of sexploitation babes, a blood-soaked Iggy Pop, and Bloomgarden’s series of phantasms, the result of spending a year in a mental institution, where she planned her neon-glowing odyssey by listening to Black Sabbath and UFO, reading about alien conspiracy theories, and deriving her band’s moral compass from a line she saw in a movie:

“Everybody’s gotta be in a gang,” from campy sexploitation romp Switchblade Sisters (1975). L.A. Weekly referred to them as the city’s unofficial proto-metal boogie band. That was in 2014-15, when their debut Street Venom resurrected the bygone spirit of sleazy rock and roll based on urban ills, tabloid nudes, dangerous sex, and the next generation of girls gangs.

Bonnie Bloomgarden once belonged to New York rock band The Witnesses, who emerged from the early 2000s scene made famous by The Strokes. They had a record produced by Tommy Ramone. They lived on a farm for most of that time.

Their drummer is a doe-eyed blonde with a mean streak, a derby girl and cult femme fatale, known simply as “The Kid,” Bloomgarden’s ace. Bassist Nikki Pickle, unearthed in the Arizona desert, recently joined the gang after they recorded their second full-length album Glow in the Dark, which includes guest appearances by Jessie Jones (ex-Feeding People) Bobby May (ex-Gap Dream) and Laena Geronimo of Feels; an album influenced by Bloomgarden’s conspiracy theories and mummy sightings in Echo Park, but mostly it’s their master plan to rev-up their collective, The Cosmic Underground, how they hope to bring together likeminded maniacs under one umbrella of dopey happiness and the glammed-up punkness of Rodney’s English Disco.

DVG are are time-traveling doms, you dig?

The new album, "Glow In The Dark", came out June 10, 2016 on Burger Records!!

"Like the twinkle in the eye of a cult leader, there's something glamorous about Death Valley Girls. Wangarden's voice is feral yet feminine, as though it's coming from the decapitated head of of a valley girl on her way to see Zeppelin"- Noisey
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