Rse Presents: The Mc Nifficent Seven The Viking Funeral Show

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Rse Presents: The Mc Nifficent Seven   The Viking Funeral Show
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Rse Presents: The Mc Nifficent Seven The Viking Funeral Show says
Rock Solid Entertainment Presents
The McNifficent Seven - The Viking Funeral Show!
The Band's Final Atlanta Appearance for a while....
(Rock / Soul / Alt Country)

Saturday, April 25th, 2015
Tin Roof Cantina
Early Show: 8:30 PM
No Cover

Who are The McNifficent 7? Why are there only five guys on the stage? What do they sound like? The question isn’t who, what, or why; the question is how. How did this happen? It all started in the Fall of 2010 when Sean McNiff, a strange guy with an even stranger name, met Ty Popick in a Statistics class at Georgia State University. Lazy and uninterested in academic pursuits, McNiff and Popick killed time in class talking about everything except school work, and quickly bonded over a mutual interest in soul and country music. They talked about getting together to play one day; it only took two years. Fast forward to the Summer of 2012, McNiff grabbed a microphone, Popick grabbed a guitar, and Atlanta music scene veteran, and International recording artist Andrew Freni stepped behind the drum kit. After a handful of practices and a huge pile of empty beer cans, which the three of them may or may not have hurled across the room at each other, they decided to round out the lineup. Fortunately for them, Popick was able to recruit a couple of monster players from, believe it or not, his soccer team. When Scott Toney (Bass, Vocals) and Kyle Hanschke (Guitar, Piano) were brought into the fold, everything just kind of fell into place for the guys, and here they are today. That’s who they are, and that’s how it happened. As for what they sound like, think about what might have happened if Sam Cooke and Hank Williams had a bastard child together, only the child didn’t live with either of his parents. He was raised by his drunk uncle, Bon Scott, and Uncle Bon forced him to listen to The Replacements and The Clash daily for 10 years. That leaves one unanswered question, though. Why are they The McNifficent 7 if there are only five of them? We’ll leave that up to you to decide. Some riddles are best left unsolved.
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By: Rock Solid Entertainment Presents