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Open Doors for Santa Eulàlia

  • Things to do, Festivals
Penó de Santa Eulàlia
Foto: ICUBPenó de Santa Eulàlia

Time Out says

You're probably gearing up to go to the 'correfoc' and see the 'castells' during the festivities to celebrate Santa Eulàlia in Barcelona, but another must on the agenda is the days of open doors, when museums and other entities let visitors in at no charge. Don't miss out on a thing: consult this list before heading out to be sure you know where to go and when so you can check out as many as possible.

Barcelona City Hall: Saturday 8, 10am-8pm.

Photographic Archive: Wednesday 12, 10am-7pm.

CosmoCaixa: Sunday 9, 10am-8pm.

Foto Colectània: Wednesday 12, 10am-8pm.

Design Museum: Wednesday 12, 10am-8pm.

Born Centre of Culture and Remembrance: Wednesday 12, 10am-6.30pm.

CaixaForum: Sunday 9, 10am-8pm.

La Capella: Wednesday 12, 11am-8pm.

Joan Miró Foundation: Sunday 9, 10am-3pm.

Mies van der Rohe Pavilion: Sunday 9, 10am-6pm.

Suñol Foundation: Wednesday 12, 11am-7pm.

MACBA: Wednesday 12, 10am-7.30pm.

Ethnologic Museum: Wednesday 12, 10am-7pm.

History of Catalonia Museum: Wednesday 12, 10am-8pm.

Maritime Museum: Wednesday 12, 10am-7pm.

Museum of Music: Wednesday 12, 10am-6pm.

MNAC: Wednesday 12, 10am-6pm.

Arús Public Library (Psg de Sant Joan, 26): Wednesday 12, 10am-2.30pm.

CCCB: Wednesday 12, 11am-8pm.

MUHBA El Call: Wednesday 12, 11am-2pm.

MUHBA Temple d'August: Wednesday 12, 10am-7pm.

MUHBA Turó de la Rovira: Wednesday 12, 10am-2pm.

MUHBA Plaça del Rei History of Barcelona Museum: Wednesday 12, 10am-7pm.

Museum of Archaeology: Wednesday 12, 10am-7pm.

Olympic and Sport Museum: Wednesday 12, 10am-6pm.

Natural History Museum: Wednesday 12, 10am-6pm.

Frederic Marès Museum: Wednesday 12, 10am-7pm.

Picasso Museum: Wednesday 12, 10am-7pm.

Botanical Garden: Wednesday 12, 10am-6pm.

Palau Robert: Wednesday 12, 9am-8pm.

Pedralbes Monastery: Wednesday 12, 10am-2pm.

La Virreina Centre of the Image: Wednesday 12, 11am-8pm.

La Casa dels Entremesos: Wednesday 12, 10am-1pm, 4pm-7pm.


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