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Birmingham superheroes needed for world record attempt

Written by
Chris Parkin

We already know Birmingham likes its superheroes. Just count the reasons how: Spiderman has been running around the city helping people, you've been dressing up in your finest cosplay costumes in public, and the city has more comic-book (and related) shops than Batman has gadgets in his Bat Cave.

Now, Brum, you have a chance to use this love of power-wielding fictitious characters for the good of the UK… and the world.

On April 18, fans of DC Comics' crew of do-gooders should descend on the Oldbury Toys R Us dressed as Superman, The Flash, Green Lantern, Batman, Wonder Woman and any other DC superhero you fancy.

Together with cloaked nerds in Brent Cross, Warrington and Cardiff, you'll be joining superhero nuts right around the globe in an attempt to break the world record for most weirdo… sorry, people gathered together dressed as DC Comics superheroes.

The rules are simple: be there by 9am (ahead of the official world-record attempt at 11am) dressed head-to-toe as an instantly recognisable superhero that's featured in a DC Comics published book, TV show or film. A homemade or official costume? It doesn't matter. The assembled superheroes will then jostle for position in assigned areas for a full five minutes.

The organisers are promising spot prizes, giveaways and DC-related activities too. It's all free to enter, but you're advised to register here.

Just remember: if you turn up as Spiderman, Thor, Captain America, or any other one of Marvel's own nattily costumed heroes, you'll ruin the whole bloomin' thing.

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