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Photograph: ShutterstockDowntown Boston

32 things you’ll never hear a Bostonian say

Written by
Meaghan Agnew

1. Why go out to eat in Somerville? Everyone knows all the best restaurants are downtown.

2. I’m a huge Revolution fan.

3. Actually, everyone here calls it the Hub.

4. It’s nice to have the students back in town.

5. It feels like winter will never get here.

via Tumblr

6. The best part of the tour is when you get to quack!

7. I honestly have no idea where the nearest Dunkin’ Donuts is.

8. I never Hubway without my helmet.

9. That new country radio station is a huge improvement.

10. I prefer the red clam chowder.

11. Manning’s better.

12. This city has the best tacos.

via Kotaku

13. Let’s take a drive down 93.

14. I thought Aerosmith was from Seattle.

15. Just seltzer for me this St. Patty’s Day!

16. Honestly, the Sagamore Bridge traffic is never as bad as people say.

17. Let’s take a walk down the Freedom Trail.

18. In Shaughnessy we trust.

19. The B line is your best bet.

NBC/via Tumblr

20. I make a mean baked bean.

21. Of course I’ve been to Medieval Manor!

22. What’s North Face?

23. I’m not familiar with the Big Dig.

24. Let's meet at Cheers for happy hour.

25. I like to shovel out my neighbor’s space first.

20th Century Fox Television/via Tumblr

26. I still can’t believe that A-Rod trade fell through.

27. Matt Damon/Ben Affleck/Robin Williams/Casey Affleck/Alec Baldwin/Jack Nicholson/Martin Sheen/Leonardo DiCaprio/Sean Penn/Tim Robbins/Marcia Gay Harden/Laura Linney/Diane Lane/Amy Adams/Blake Lively/Tom Hanks/Jeff Bridges/Kevin Costner/Julianne Moore does the perfect Boston accent.

28. I live right off the Blue line.

29. Why extend it? It’s not like I ever make it to last call anyway.

30. Toscanini’s B3? Nah, it’s way too cold outside for ice cream.

31. I just like to smile. Smiling’s my favorite.

32. Wicked good!

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