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Photograph: Courtesy Kyte

Kyte, a car rental delivery app, launches in Boston

The leading door-to-door, app-based car rental company delivers a car to your doorstep with a click of an app.

Eric Grossman

Need a car rental immediately, ideally one delivered right to your doorstep? Now there's an app for that, as Kyte has launched in Boston. The new app lets Bostonians order a car that will show up at your doorstep in less than two hours.

“As a former Boston resident, I know the first had effects of limited parking in Boston. It’s also a city surrounded by world-class destinations—the Cape, White Mountains, Vineyard, Berkshires—but you need a car and everything is a drive. With Kyte, those places become more accessible,” said co-founder Francesco Wiedemann.

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Whether it means avoiding a ride share to a car rental location, or satisfying an urge for a spontaneous trip, Kyte delivers a car to your doorstep just by using its app. Kyte, which partners with established rental car companies, launched last year in San Francisco, then expanded to Los Angeles, and Boston is its first East Coast market.

Clients can book their rental on Kyte's app or through its online portal, and the company then dispatches a driver, known as a "Surfer,” to deliver a car to your location within two hours. Users are charged a daily rate, with discounts for weekly or even monthly rentals.

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