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Boston skyline
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Stefano Montagner

Why we’ve changed our logo to Time In — for now

Written by
Eric Grossman

As we all deal with the ever-evolving situation surrounding the coronavirus, here at Time Out we have changed our logo to acknowledge this moment in our cities, where so many people don't want to go out and/or have been advised not to go out.

Time Out Boston is always here for you to discover the best of the city, both for your Time Out and your Time In. Beyond closely monitoring local event cancellations and closures and keeping you up to date on the latest coronavirus news, advice and travel information, we'll help you find new ways to experience Boston even if you're cooped up inside.

We all know The Hub is one of the most expensive — some say challenging — cities to live in in the USA, and with this new reality it's more important than ever that you take advantage of this wonderful area we call home, even if you're unable to leave your place of residence. Whether it's the best food delivery or a virtual tour of the best museums in Boston (several of which offer awesome online archives), there are plenty of cool things to enjoy and take advantage of without stepping outside.

To Boston's venues and events: we feel your pain! Cafes, restaurants, bars, theatre, galleries and events are facing tough times, especially the little guys. You make our cities special. Time Out has your backs. We'll champion and shout about you, whether or not people are able to go out. When we can go out, we will be first in the line! 

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