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The menu of this funky, bamboo-and-brick-lined Malaysian joint is riddled with mysterious warnings ('Please ask server for advice before you order!!!'), which will whet the appetite of the challenge-starved - as well it should, when applied to pungent staples such as the tamarind- and chili-drenched anchovies known as assam ikan bilis. Tentative newbies may prefer to start with roti canai - a savory pancake, enriched by curried chicken dip - or the surprisingly light oyster omelette.


Venue name: Penang
Address: 685 Washington Street
at Kneeland Street

Opening hours: Open 11.30am-11.30pm Mon-Thur, Sun; 11.30am-midnight Fri, Sat.
Transport: Chinatown T .
Price: Main courses $10-$23.
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Penang in Boston's Chinatown serves great Malaysian food and is good value too. The bamboo-line décor makes you feel outside even though you are indoors and there is a vast selection of Malaysian food to try. The beef rendang was very fragrant, as was the coconut rice. Recommended.