Hotels in Buenos Aires

World-class accommodation abounds, no matter the style or budget

Hotels in Buenos Aires The Cocker, Buenos Aires - © Marc van der Aa/Time Out
By Matt Chesterton, Daniel Neilson and Cat Scully

From backpackers to hip thirtysomethings, from wealthy businessmen and their families to elderly adventure hunters, they are all heading to Buenos Aires, lured by a devalued peso, a cosmopolitan attitude and rich cultural heritage.

But the huge increase in tourism since 2001 took many by surprise, resulting in a lack of beds in the city, or at least nice ones with fluffy pillows and a view. Fortunately, the number of hotels is beginning to meet demand, especially in the small boutique sector.

There are hotels for wannabe oenologists (Miravida Soho), tango aficionados (Abasto Plaza and Mansión Dandi Royal) design geeks (Tailor Made Hotel and Home Hotel), stylish gay hotels (Axel) and luxury lovers (Faena Hotel + Universe, and the Alvear Palace Hotel).

Local design creativity, combined with international investment and the Argentinian genius for hospitality, come together successfully in the boutique hotels that we have listed, which by their nature tend to be small and book up quickly. Like many of Buenos Aires's great hotels they are often refurbished old houses, the best of them retaining some of their previous grandeur.

Where to stay

Palermo and San Telmo are the best places to snuggle into a cosy retreat. Downtown and the exclusive Recoleta areas are dominated by larger hotels popular for their proximity to the business centre. It is also the best place for budget hotels.

South of the city, in the run-down areas of Constitución and Barracas are to be found budget, or actually, dirt cheap lodgings that are mostly aimed at poor immigrant workers, known as Hoteles Familiares. Further afield and across Argentina, New Age Hotels ( has an impressive range of unique boutique hotels and estancias.

Property rental

If you want to rent (or even buy) a property, then contact getting in touch with one of the following: BA House (, El Cachafaz (, 4 Rent (, landinargentina (, Living in Baires (, Maison Buenos Aires ( or Room Argentina ( Buenos Aires Habitat ( offers the full gamut of real estate and rental services.

Our listings

Our listings follow these categories: Luxury (over US$250/AR$750 for a double); Expensive (US$150-$250/AR$450-$750); Mid-range (US$80-$150/AR$240-$450); Budget (under US$80/AR$240). We have given rates in US dollars; expect them to rise. The prices which are given include 21 per cent VAT, and breakfast.

While every effort and care has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this guide, the publisher cannot accept responsibility for any errors it may contain. Before you go out of your way, we strongly advise you to phone ahead and check the particulars.

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