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Hotel Fortaleza do Guincho

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  1. fortaleza do guincho
  2. Hoteis, Fortaleza do Guincho, Quarto
    ©Catia BarbosaFortaleza Do Guincho (quarto)
  3. Hoteis, Fortaleza do Guincho, Quarto
    ©Catia BarbosaFortaleza Do Guincho (quarto)
  4. Fortaleza do Guincho - Sala de Refeições
  5. fortaleza do guincho
    Pedro Sampayo Ribeiro

Time Out says

This hotel is 40 minutes from the centre of Lisbon and its location in the Guincho dunes, with the wild sea and the wind as the backdrop, add to that far-from-the-city sensation. The preserved old architecture forms a small nucleus between the road and the beach. In true 17th-century fortress fashion, there are no swimming pools or spas, just a great relationship with the sea. Gil Fernandes, the head chef at Fortaleza do Guincho’s Michelin-star restaurant, offers a menu replete with seafood and fresh fish dishes as well as three tasting menus. To offer an equally fine but less expensive dining option, in the summer of 2020 the hotel opened a new outdoor space, overlooking the raw beauty of Crismina beach, which offers light meals and a glass of wine.

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Estrada do Guincho
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