Fundamentals Of Bal Swing: The Out And In Edition At The Movement Factory

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Fundamentals Of Bal Swing:  The Out And In Edition At The Movement Factory
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Sunday, March 29th 2:30-4:30, $20 per person

Attire is: Comfy clothing that does not restrict your movement and/or whatever makes you feel good about yourself. Athletic or dress shoes that have a clean sole and are not too slippery. High heeled shoes are only recommended for followers in the Balboa classes. Leather soled shoes are recommended for leaders in the Balboa classes.

Fundamentals of Bal-Swing: The Out-and-In Edition.

Bal-Swing was born when Southern California dancers from the 1930s mixed Balboa and swing dancing. Seems like a simple mash up but, oh brother, it is not. Bal-Swing can be an interesting beast. The timing can sometimes be the same as pure Bal but the rules, feeling and technique for Bal-Swing can be very different from pure Bal and extremely different from swing. What defines Bal-swing and makes it what it is? Having complete control of your out-and-ins is a great place to start. Here is your pro-tip - Out-and-ins are more than you think they are and are in way more places than you think. You will definitely learn some cool moves, footwork, and timing variations within out-and-ins. Come and learn how to properly tame and train this Bal-Swing beast to do your will.

You MUST have previous experience with Balboa and the ability to consistently demonstrate both up hold and down hold basics to take this class. We will teach to the class description, not to the level of the students in the class.

You do not need a partner to take this class as we will rotate partners. Instructors will dance with students.

The teachers for this workshop are multi-year, national and international Balboa champion, Valerie Salstrom and our local Balboa dancer, teacher, competitor and hero, Conner Phillips.

Students should wear leather soled shoes for this class. Followers should wear at least a low heeled shoe.

Allow extra time to find the venue, park and locate the studio. Follow the signs for The Movement Factory and Get Hep Swing. Classes will begin and end on time.
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