Introduction To Jyotisha Astrology Part 2

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Introduction To Jyotisha Astrology Part 2
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Introduction To Jyotisha Astrology Part 2 says
A further exploration of the fascinating science of Vedic Astrology, Part 2 will introduce the important concepts of planetary periods and transits in order to understand how the indications in a birth chart unfold over time. We will also discuss a simple way to select favorable days to begin important endeavors.

Pre-requisite: Intro. to Jyotisha Part 1, or permission of the instructor.

Note: Private tutoring is available to cover Part 1 material for those interested in attending part 2.
For more information, please contact Poornamurti via his website at

Investment: $20 thru Sep 19, $25 thereafter.

About Poornamurti: "It was initially my interest in Yoga and Ayurveda that led me to discover Jyotisha, since they are all ‘sister sciences’. I started taking traditional yoga classes when I was 17 in Cleveland Heights, OH. This started me on a journey of growth, healing and discovery that I have been on ever since."

He offers Jyotisha readings as well as one-on-one tutoring for those interested in learning the art and science of Jyotisha. For more information, visit his website at:
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By: Atma Center