Keep Talking: A Storytelling Show "Crime"

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Keep Talking: A Storytelling Show   "Crime"
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Keep Talking: A Storytelling Show "Crime" says
A storytelling show at the Happy Dog on the FIRST WEDNESDAY of every month. The next show is March 1st and will start at 8:00 PM sharp. The show fills up fast, so get there early! $5
Hosted by Adam Richard and Zachariah Durr!

March theme: Crime!

Storytellers will include:
- Kris Wernowsky
- Cait Hogan
- Annie Block
- Susan Fee
- Colleen Horvath

Hosted by Adam Richard!

Send your story pitches (Beginning, middle and end) to TODAY.

Come visit us on the mainstage of the Happy Dog West to hear real-life tales of strife in all its forms.

Keep Talking is a storytelling show that takes a theme, and invites people to tell stories about that theme. These stories can be inspiring, funny, sad, bizarre, meaningful, shocking, or a combination of all those things.
We need YOU. Everyone has an interesting story in them. It doesn’t matter if you aren’t an actor, comic or natural “center of attention”, we want to hear from you.


Stories need to meet three requirements:
1. Stories need to be true, and have happened to YOU, not your buddy, partner, sibling, etc.
2. Stories need to fit the month’s theme in SOME way.
3. No hate or harm - meaning you can tell a story of how someone hurt you, but if things get negative, change the name. Please don’t tell a slanderous story about someone who will be in the room.

Submit your story by writing us at
You can either write a two paragraph max summary of the story, or send us an audio or video of your story summary. Send us at least the beginning and ending of the story. Don’t leave on a cliffhanger. If you think writing the whole thing out will help us "get" the story - go for it (but please, no novels!)

Once you’ve submitted, we will quickly get back to you about your story - so send it today!


1. We like detail, but you don't need to write a novel...Give us the beginning, middle and end!

2. We would prefer one single story and not a recap of multiple experiences...don't just give us a series of events or anecdotes! For example, if you're a bartender and have met and experienced all kinds of weird people, we want to hear about is the story of that one crazy guy you'll never forget!

3. WHY do you want to share it -- how did this affect you? Why is this story something that sticks out to you? Did you change from the experience? Did you learn something? Were challenged in some way and forced to confront something you've never had to before? In other words, this story has stuck with you as being a story you want to share but now you have to be able to say WHY it's sticking with you.

Remember...stories can be suspenseful, sad, funny, romantic, personal, shocking, emotional....whatever! We just want to hear YOUR story. So stop reading this and get typing...we can't wait to hear about your experiences!
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