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Ott has been messing about with sound boxes every day for as long as he canremember. Having spent the ‘90s flitting between his day­job as a freelance studioengineer and long weekends under the stars at psychedelic trance parties, the obvious next step, as the millennium turned, was to create music of his own from the jumble of sounds which filled his head.

After teaming up with Twisted Records, 2002 saw the release of the acclaimed ‘Hallucinogen In Dub’ album, followed in short order by his first solo effort, ‘Blumenkraft’ in 2003. 2008 saw the release of ‘Skylon’ and in 2011 the album ‘Mir’ was born.

A pattern has formed: every four years or so an album coalesces from the chaos, heads out into the world and takes on a life of its own. 2015 is one of those years.
Financed by a wildly successful Kickstarter campaign, Ott built a new studio, filled it with vintage sound­creation toys and locked the door, vowing not to emerge until a new record was born. The original 6 month deadline came and went but, a year after he started, the thing is finished.

August 11th will see the release of Ott’s latest studio album ­ details of which will emerge over the coming weeks.


Plantrae is an energetic and melodic sound experience originating deep in the rainforests of oregon. The Plantrae sound gathers many diverse elements together to form a neo-traditional earth inspired dance music. Dirty folk melodies, raw drum-skins and a substantial dripping bass root are all woven into one, with live viola improvisation fermenting everything together. Seeking to unite organic-acoustic instrumentation with contemporary bass music, Plantrae also encourages the listener to delve deep into the humyn ethos, back to a time when we lived as one with the earth.

Taproot EP

Dance Of The Insect Soldiers (single)

Aligning Minds

Aligning Minds is the unique and captivating collaboration of two producers using sound to achieve a mutual vision. Ethereal and dubby, uplifting and haunting, their music winds its way through the imaginative souls of its listeners, offering a deep exploration of subsonic mood and emotional atmosphere. Focused on unifying electronic music through diverse influence, their sound fuses elements of many genres like downtempo, dubstep, breakbeat and idm - but without the need for formulaic restrictions.

The Aligning Minds sound is melodic and bass heavy. It’s emotionally charged future music that rides on hypnotic breakbeats, infectious basslines, dubby soundscapes, and idm experimentation for one to dance or lounge to.
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By: The Beachland Ballroom and Tavern

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