Rolf Movement Series Week 3: Linking The Body

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Rolf Movement Series   Week 3: Linking The Body
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Rolf Movement Series Week 3: Linking The Body says
Rolf® Structural Integration is a powerful combination of sophisticated manual therapy and movement education that frees the body from tension, pain and injury patterns.

Your body has a natural anti-gravity system that our modern lifestyle frequently overlooks. The workshop series is designed to increase your internal awareness of this system, and build a lasting relationship with this part of yourself. These skills deepen your yoga practice, improve your athletic endeavor, relieve stress,chronic pain, and aid in recovery from travel.
We will explore your body from the bottom to the top, using simple awareness and movement. Movement options are available to anyone who lives in a body. These are movements that we often don’t know how to utilize, or we forget how to utilize them.

We’ll also review basic anatomy in each class. Bring a notebook to class if you like!

This workshop series is designed for individuals to learn skills that they can practice in their daily life to better maintain a happy & healthy living space within the body!

This workshop series is ideal for individuals who have had sessions with Leah, those who have attended previous classes with Leah, and those who are simply curious and ready to bring greater balance and ease to the mind-body relationship!

Week 1: Foundation - Saturday, January 16

The first class will build our foundation - the feet, knees and pelvic base. When engaged, these three parts of your body make a tripod. This provides your upper body with a reliable resting place. Your solid foundation also ensures your proper footing on unwelcoming surfaces such as uneven pavement, and also aids to improve your balance. We’ll review basic anatomy, and you’ll develop your own cues to use to find and use your base.

Week 2: Breath - Saturday, January 23

The second class will be designed to bring together your base of support with your breath. Your breath lifts your body, and provides an internal massage to your viscera (organs). If your diaphragm is collapsed or bound, you are making great effort to breath. This class will help you relax into natural breathing, for a noticeable impact. You’ll practice cues that help you get there on your own.

Week 3: Linking the Body - Saturday, January 30

The third class will teach you how to engage your foundation, your breath and your head, for fluid movement. We’ll review information about the head and practice cues to help you keep your head in good relationship with the rest of your body. You will find your naturally coherent movement, or fluid walking, which is efficient, graceful and fun!

Sign up early space is limited to 15 people per session.

Cost: $50 for all three segments.
Drop-ins welcome if space is available, $20 / class

For any questions, please contact Leah at 216.650.1040 or email
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By: Vision Yoga & Wellness