Yuan Gong Qi Gong With Ned Koelliker

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Yuan Gong  Qi Gong With Ned Koelliker
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Yuan Gong Qi Gong With Ned Koelliker says
Yuan Gong- 8 Week series

QiGong is a profound and effective method of self-help care. A former secret practice in China for preserving health and prolonging life, qigong has recently become available to the general public.

Qi (chi) is the vital life force energy that is the fundamental animating force in all the universe, including the physical body. According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the balanced flow of qi ensures your overall health and well being, while blockages and imbalances in qi flow manifest as physical, mental and emotional disease. Since health disorders are often the concrete manifestation of energetic imbalances and obstructions, the practice of qigong cultivates and re-establishes the smooth flow of qi.

There are nine methods/levels in the system of Yuan Gong. When one level is completed and mastered, you will qualify for entrance into the next level where you will move deeper into the depth of qigong. Yuan Gong is recommended for both men and women and is calibrated to suit age and body type. It is easy to learn and will easily fit into your time-consuming modern lifestyle. IT is recommended for anyone interested in health, longevity and spiritual growth. Yang Ming medicine will be taught to interested practitioners who have completed the fourth level.

About Ned Koelliker, Mh.D.

Ned Koelliker, a retired high school history teacher, administrator and coach, holds a Doctorate of Science Degree in Metaphysical and Holistic Healing and a Masters Degree in Secondary School Administration.

He is a QiGong Master, Reiki Master, Certified Medium and trained medical intuitive and enjoys using his skills with private clients and in workshops. He is also an Ordained Minister and is on the field staff of Delphi University.


LOCATION: Vision Underground, St. John's Episcopal Church | 2600 Church Ave W 26th St, Cleveland, OH 44113

For more information http://yuantzecentre.com/all-locations/ned-koelliker/
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By: Vision Yoga & Wellness

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