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Photograph: Courtesy Disney Enterprises, Inc

Every Disney movie coming out over the next three years

Check out every Disney movie coming out over the next few years! Cheers to princesses, adventure, magic and much more.

Written by
Danielle Valente

What's more satisfying than a lineup of new Disney movies? Lovable characters, a dash of drama, a dollop of magic plus new Disney princesses and Disney songs never fail to dazzle the young and young at heart. 

There's been a quite a bit of buzz about the company's impending film releases—everything from live-action retellings to new cartoons and even documentaries, according to PureWowInsider and TIME. We hope you're ready for a bag of popcorn because there's a lot to choose from.

Although some films are still in question—Guardians of the Galaxy 3, a live-action Peter Pan, Cruella and Tinkerbell (to be called Tink), The One and Only Ivan and so on, according IMDB and other sources—we rounded up every Disney movie coming out that has a release year, so mark your calendars. 

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Every Disney movie coming out over the next three years

Captain Marvel
Photograph: Courtesy Marvel Studios 2019/Film Frame

1. Captain Marvel

It's all about girl power in the latest offering from Marvel. Our leading lady, Captain Marvel, is part of an intergalatic battle that needs to come to an end. Meanwhile, she keeps questioning her past life, seemingly as a U.S. Air Force pilot. Will she uncover the mysteries surrounding her past? Will this battle between humans and the Skrulls finally come to an end? Opens Mar 8, 2019. Rated PG-13. 

Photograph: Courtesy Disney Enterprises Inc.

2. Dumbo

Our favorite elephant gets the live-action treatment in Disney's latest retelling of the classic story. In the hands of Tim Burton, this tale is bound offer plenty of "wow" moments courtesy of its whimsical fantasyland. Opens Mar 29, 2019. Not yet rated.  


Photograph: Courtesy Pixabay + MemoryCatcher

3. Penguins

Kickstart Earth Day with a new film from DisneyNature. In this animal documentary, we follow Steve, an Adélie penguin who is growing into adulthood and looking to settle down with a new nest, a mate and a family of teeny penguins. Guess these birds aren't terribly different from humans! Opens Apr 17, 2019. Rated G. 

Avengers: Endgame
Photograph: Courtesy Disney

4. Avengers: Endgame

Tony Stark is facing quite a conundrum: He's flying solo in outer space, sans food and water. On the other hand, his superhero sidekicks are ready to go head-to-head with Thanos in order to bring back their allies. The Avengers certainly have their work cut out for them. Opens Apr 26, 2019. Rated PG-13.  

Photograph: Courtesy Disney

5. Aladdin

This is one magic carpet ride you're not going to want to miss. Journey alongside one of Disney's beloved princes in this highly-anticipated remake. Opens May 24, 2019. Not yet rated. 


Toy Story 4
Photograph: Courtesy Disney/Pixar

6. Toy Story 4

Looks like a new toy is in town and ready to shake things up for Woody and co. Get ready for an epic journey featuring familiar toy faces and newbies (hello Forky!). Opens Jun 21, 2019. Not yet rated. 


The Lion King
Photograph: Courtesy Disney

7. The Lion King

Bring the tissues. Simba's story is getting a makeover for 2019, and this retelling will definitely tug at your heartstrings. Opens July 19, 2019. Not yet rated. 


Artemis Fowl
Photograph: Courtesy Disney

8. Artemis Fowl

Watch mastermind Artemis Fowl II jump from page to screen in the adapation of the sci-fi bestseller. Opens Aug 9, 2019. Not yet rated.

Maleficent 2
Photograph: Courtesy Disney/ Film Frame..©Disney 2014

9. Maleficent 2

A sequel to 2014's live-action Maleficent is underway, and Aurora (Elle Fanning) and the nefarious Maleficent (Angelina Jolie) are returning to the big screen for a dose of magic and mystery. Opens Oct 18, 2019. Not yet rated. 

Frozen 2
Photograph: Courtesy Disney

10. Frozen 2

Our favorite sisters are making their long-awaited return after the success of 2013's Frozen. Dare we say, a new "Let It Go" is very likely waiting for us, so get ready for a kids' karaoke session. Although a teaser has been released, we're not terribly certain of the direction the film will take. Regardless, we are ready and waiting for Anna and Elsa's next adventure. Opens Nov 22, 2019. Not yet rated.


11. Star Wars Episode IX

The Skywalker saga is coming to a close at the end of 2019, so venture far, far away (your local movie theater) to get a taste of the sci-fi action. Opens Dec 20, 2019. Not yet rated.

12. Jungle Cruise

Looks like Disney rides truly are magical! In this film—which has experienced a few delays—a riverboat ride in the Disney theme park transports people to a jungle, and it's not all fun and games. Opens in 2020. Not yet reated. 


13. Onward

This Disney-Pixar collab introduces us to twin elf brothers who are on a quest to uncover a bit of magic. Opens Mar 6, 2020. Not yet rated. 

Photograph: Courtesy Disney

14. Mulan

Mulan's bravery is inspiring. The fearless Disney leading lady goes undercover as a man—a taboo thought—in order to stop an attack on China. Now, 22 years after the original cartoon premiered, we're being treated to a live-action retelling of the popular story. Opens Mar 21, 2020. Not yet rated. 

Indiana Jones
Photograph: Courtesy 2008 Lucasfilm Ltd.

15. Indiana Jones

Although there has been much speculation about the release of a new Indiana Jones movie, it's been revealed that the adventurer is due for a silver screen premiere in 2021. 


Although nothing is set in stone, there has been speculation about other impending Disney films in the near future, according to Insider. (Fingers crossed these movies turn into a reality.) Here's what they include: 

The One and Only Ivan 
Black Widow 
The Eternals 
The Merlin Saga
Peter Pan
Guardians of the Galaxy 3
Black Panther 2

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