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Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Foto: Miramax FilmKill Bill: Vol. 1

The best new movies on Netflix in February

Netflix stocks the month with a brilliant quintet of modern-day classics, perfect for a night at home on the couch

Joshua Rothkopf
Written by
Joshua Rothkopf
Time Out contributors

These days, Netflix is killing it with original programming, from the well-received return of Stranger Things to Cannes-approved movies by Noah Baumbach and Snowpiercer’s Bong Joon-ho. They’ve even just scored several Oscar nominations—for the harrowing Mudbound and two extraordinary documentaries, Icarus and Strong Island. That said, Netflix’s rotating monthly selection contains some gems mixed in among the new content. Let us do the work for you. We’ve found five essential movies from giants like Martin Scorsese, Kathryn Bigelow and Quentin Tarantino. So fire up that thumb. There’s viewing to do.

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Best new movies on Netflix

  • Film
  • Thrillers

The most influential movie of the past 30 years (have a look at Pulp Fiction and The Sopranos if you don't believe us), Martin Scorsese’s monumental rise-and- fall chronicle of mob informer Henry Hill is the last word on Mafia films and the myth of criminal chic. “Funny how? Funny like a clown? I amuse you?” You’ll be quoting all of it.

  • Film

The mighty comeback of L.A. auteur Kathryn Bigelow (Point Break) is an Iraq movie done right: no politicizing; only stoic, Hawksian men of action holding up under pressure. Bigelow would go on to make confused modern warfare her pet subject, with movies like Zero Dark Thirty and Detroit. As of right now, she is the only woman to win the Oscar for Best Director.

Kill Bill (2003/2004)
  • Film
  • Action and adventure

Though released in two “volumes” (both are available on Netflix this month), Quentin Tarantino’s extraordinary martial-arts magnum opus is best viewed as one four-hour whole, detailing the roaring revenge of the Bride (Uma Thurman), a trained assassin out to slay the former associates who left her and her unborn child for dead. As always with Tarantino, the words provide the real action.

Lincoln (2012)
  • Film
  • Drama

Stealthily, Lincoln doesn’t have a typical birth-to-death arc, and thank Abe for that. Instead, it’s mainly about the passage of the 13th Amendment (the one that abolished slavery), compressing all of its insights into a handful of contentious months in 1865. It’s a grand, verbose and heartbreaking film, essentially about the art of persuasion, even among enemies.

Ocean’s Eleven (2001)
  • Film
  • Comedy

Dapper Danny Ocean (George Clooney) is a man of action. Less than 24 hours into his parole from a New Jersey penitentiary, the wry, charismatic thief is already rolling out his next plan. Following three rules: Don't hurt anybody, don't steal from anyone who doesn't deserve it, and play the game like you've got nothing to lose. Danny orchestrates the most sophisticated, elaborate casino heist in history.

And here’s everything coming in February, by date:

Available Feburary 1
Aeon Flux
American Pie
American Pie 2
American Pie Presents: Band Camp
American Pie Presents: The Book of Love
American Pie Presents: The Naked Mile
Ella Enchanted
42 Grams
How the Beatles Changed the World
The Hurt Locker
John Mellencamp: Plain Spoken
Kill Bill: Vol. 1
Kill Bill: Vol. 2
Lara Croft: Tomb Raider
Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution
Meet the Fockers
Meet the Parents
Men in Black
National Parks Adventure
Ocean's Eleven
Ocean's Thirteen
Ocean's Twelve
Paint It Black
Scream 3
3000 Miles to Graceland
Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story
Z Nation: Season 4

Available Feburary 2
Altered Carbon: Season 1—NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Cabin Fever
Coach Snoop: Season 1—NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Kavin Jay: Everybody Calm Down!—NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Luna Petunia: Return to Amazia: Season 1—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Available Feburary 6
Fred Armisen: Standup For Drummers—NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Valor: Season 1

Available Feburary 7
Imposters: Season 1
Queer Eye: Season 1—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Available Feburary 8
The Emoji Movie
6 Days

Available Feburary 9
Fate/Apocrypha: Part 2—NETFLIX ORIGINAL
My Next Guest Needs No Introduction With David Letterman: George Clooney—NETFLIX ORIGINAL
The Trader (Sovdagari)—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Available Feburary 14
Greenhouse Academy: Season 2—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Available Feburary 15
Deep Undercover Collection: Collection 2

Available Feburary 16
Dragons: Race to the Edge: Season 6—NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Evan Almighty
Everything Sucks!: Season 1—NETFLIX ORIGINAL
First Team: Juventus: Season 1—NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Irreplaceable You—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Available Feburary 17
Blood Money

Available Feburary 18
The Joel McHale Show with Joel McHale—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Available Feburary 19
FullMetal Alchemist—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Available Feburary 20
Bates Motel: Season 5
The Frankenstein Chronicles: Season 1 and Season 2—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Available Feburary 21
The Bachelors

Available Feburary 22
Atomic Puppet: Season 1

Available Feburary 23
Marseille: Season 2—NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Seven Seconds: Season 1—NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Ugly Delicious: Season 1—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

Available Feburary 24
Jeepers Creepers 3

Available Feburary 26
El Vato: Season 2
Heyday of the Insensitive Bastards
People You May Know
Sin Senos sí Hay Paraíso: Season 2

Available Feburary 27
Derren Brown: The Push—NETFLIX ORIGINAL
Marlon Wayans: Woke-ish—NETFLIX ORIGINAL

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