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Cheap bars in Girona

Places to have lunch, sample a few tapas and enjoy a glass or two of beer without breaking the bank

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Canya i teca

Eating and drinking for not much money can be an almost addictive hobby. Cheap beer, spirits for under €5, good food at a good price... despite the fact that Girona can be a pretty expensive city, it also has various bars where having a few drinks won't cost you the earth.


Cati and Lídia are much-loved among Girona diners looking for a great daytime eating experience. These cheerful twins prepare different specials each day that are really well-priced. For example, spaghetti with mushrooms, baked cuttlefish and a drink for just €8. If you get the chance, you should definitely try their potato omelette - they often offer it with a small beer ('canya') and slices of bread with tomato. For breakfast, have a sandwich (on Thursday you can get an omelette sandwich) and coffee, herbal teas or wine. It's probably actually cheaper to eat there than staying in!

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Tole is the nickname of Bartolomé, the owner of this bar and a native of Seville who's been living for some 50 years in Girona, and serves up a wide range of home-made tapas to his clients. Try and go the day when he has the marinated fish ready to fry, one of the star dishes, or the anchovies ('seitons') in vinegar. He also makes delicious beans with bacon, meatballs with tomato, and spicy potatoes. Don't miss out either on the omelette of potato or courgette, both of which are usually available every day. In the morning, you can breakfast from a selection of sandwiches with different cured meats ('embotits') for fillings. Oh, and take note - Tole is one of the few local bars that will give you a free something to eat when you order a drink.

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La Regolta

At La Regolta you can enjoy everything from a hearty breakfast to an enjoyable supper with friends. The sandwiches are a particular delicacy; we recommend the ones made with chapata bread that is produced by the Sant Daniel bakery especially for the restaurant - they serve it toasted and with the option of a selection of cured meats as fillings. It's said that in those restaurants where Iberian hams hang from the ceilings, the sandwiches made with said ham are always special, and in this case, it's definitely true. The menu also includes a good range of tapas, ideal for sharing among groups, such as scrambled eggs with Iberian ham, croquettes and a selection of cheeses and cured meats. If you fancy it, they also have grilled meats and fish.

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Can Serrallonga

If you ask a resident of Salt, one of Girona's neighbouring towns, where to go for breakfast, lunch or a few beers, it's more than likely that they'll recommend Can Serrallonga. This bar-restaurant has, in a very short time, become one of the most emblematic and popular in Salt. Back in 2008, more than a year after the mythic Bar la Bogeda lowered its shutters for the last time and having seen that there was no other bar in Salt to enjoy 'botifarra' sausage on toasted bread, or a reasonably priced beer, Pep Rafart decided to open Can Serrallonga. It's a classic (Catalan) tavern like the ones there used to be in the good old days: simple dishes, traditional recipes and excellent beers. However, in one respect Can Serrallonga is very contemporary: it takes part in numerous local events, organising concerts, discussions and more. If you go, you must try the horse steak. It is, along with the snails and grilled meat, one of the bar's most popular dishes. And for good reason!

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Penya Barcelonista de Girona

When Girona locals talk about patatas bravas, the first place that comes to the mind of most are those of a certain chain with a logo featuring a bearded royal (hint: it's König). But we have an alternative suggestion: the bravas made by Paco at his eponymous bar in Plaça de l'Assumpció de Sant Narcís. They're pretty impressive, with potatoes that are cooked just right and are crispy, plus a delicious sauce that fans of both spicy food and more moderate flavours will enjoy - and you can't say that that doesn't have its own merits.

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La Pedra

There can't be many Girona locals who don't know La Pedra, one of the most iconic places in the Barri Vell. Despite that, we're still going to recommend it, in particular because they do the best croquettes in Girona. You can try varieties including spinach, meat and wild mushrooms, among others, and they're all delicious. Their 'patates braves' are also a great excuse for sitting out on the terrace and sharing an evening of conversation with friends or taking part in the numerous activities that the bar organises.

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El Sol

The location of El Sol is a ready-made stop on any tourist route – under the arches of Plaça del Vi with privileged views of the City Hall balcony, just opposite the historical bookshop of Les Voltes and easily walkable from La Rambla. But regardless of whether you're a tourist or a local, at El Sol you'll find a traditional, unpretentious café that's ideal for a coffee, juice, soft drink or beer, and something to eat. The best part? The terrace on the cobblestones, where you'll have a unique position for watching the main events that take place in the square throughout the year, or just enjoying a break from the busy city life.

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