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Are you a Glaswegian born outside the UK? SIGOHA wants you

settled in glasgow oral history archive
Jessie Lawson

Let's just start with the obvious - here at Time Out, we reckon Glasgow's pretty damn brilliant. One of our main missions is to re-examine the city constantly to pinpoint exactly what's so great about it, which means we're fully on board with any project offering different perspectives on the dear green place. The Settled In Glasgow Oral History Archive (SIGOHA), created and run by Time Out Glasgow contributor (and relative Glasgow newcomer) Jessie Lawson, is one such project.

SIGOHA is an online collection of conversations with people who live in Glasgow and were born outside of the UK, aiming to create an alternative social history of Glasgow through the tales of people who have settled here. The project is built around the belief that the most valuable stories are those told by everyday, normal people, as the daily experiences that may seem ordinary to one person can be completely bizarre to another when taken out of context. In this way, SIGOHA hopes to share parts of Glasgow’s history that we don't normally hear, through the perspectives of those who have settled here after starting life in very different contexts. What's more, through participants’ stories of their lives before moving to Glasgow, SIGOHA also documents the histories of many cities and countries around the world. 

SIGOHA is still a very recent arrival on the Glasgow scene, though you can already browse stories told by Glaswegians from Poland to Malawi. If you're a Glasgow resident with roots overseas, you're also encouraged to add your own voice to the archive - drop 'em an email if you're interested or know someone who might be. Regardless of whether you've lived here for decades or days, they'd love to hear your story. 

You can also follow SIGOHA on Twitter @talesofglasgow.

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