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Glasgow’s listening habits revealed by Spotify

Euan Robertson

Weegies mainly listen to dance tunes and local artists, according to data from music streaming service Spotify.

The listening habits of users in almost 1,000 cities across the globe have been analysed by Spotify and they’ve come up with playlists featuring 100 songs popular in each location.

With Glasgow’s active club scene, it’s no surprise that a number of international dance tracks secure spots on the list - including 'Bits and Pieces' by Artemesia and Joyce's 'Game of Love'. But there’s also plenty of homegrown acts included – Weegie acts such as Prides, Twin Atlantic, LaFontaines as well as other Scots such as Paolo Nutini, The View and Biffy Clyro are all popular among users of the service in the city.

Spotify are keen to point out the playlists don’t feature the most played tracks in each city; instead it’s the ‘distinctive’ music enjoyed in each location - in other words, the songs that people in that city listen to a fair bit which other cities to do not listen to as much. They say this shows what makes each city different from others.

Generally, though, it appears the musical tastes of Glasgow residents are fairly similar to listeners in Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee – with The Proclaimers’ ‘Sunshine on Leith’ ranked as one of the most popular tracks in all four cities.

Weegies can at least still claim to have cooler musical tastes than some of their neighbours, with a lack of comparably dodgy tunes in the top 100 - unlike in Edinburgh, where they’re apparently partial to ‘Got the Feelin’ by Five, and in Dundee, where they enjoy ‘Air Guitar’ by McBusted and S Club 7’s ‘Reach’ more than users in other locations.

See the full list below:

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