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The great escape - Glasgow's top escape room venues

The Room Glasgow
Aniko Ficsor

If you love an adrenaline rush and your idea of fun is being locked in a mysterious room with a group of your mates using just your brainpower to get you free, then look no further. Now Glasgow has not one, not two but three escape room venues for you to test your skills.

Escape games have been sweeping Japan, the US and Europe for the past few years, starting with video games then making the leap into real life adventure.

The city's longest running venue, Escape Glasgow, has two rooms designed for groups of two to six people. The Glasgow Classic Escape challenges you to recognise the hints and clues hidden throughout the room, decipher them, unlock the safe and set yourself free. The second room is their first multi-room live escape game, Contagion. Your team of scientists have been working tirelessly to create a vaccine for a fatal disease, but unfortunately you have all contracted the deadly virus. There are two options: either sit around and let it take you, or create a vaccine and find a way to defeat the lockdown on the lab. Each room costs £66 regardless of the size of the team.

The Room (not to be confused with the gloriously awful film of the same name) opened this spring with five rooms, challenging you to show off your detective skills and 'put Sherlock to shame'. It's designed for groups of two to sixteen and includes a party room designed for ten to 16-year-olds. Choose between: the Spy Room, where you act as MI6 agents tasked with sneaking into the office of a powerful businessman; the Identity Room, which has you and your team attempting to find out what happened to the missing owner of an apartment; the Party Room, where you can have a birthday party like never before under the watchful eye of a Mr J Bond; the Mansion Room, where you’re trapped in a ghostly stately home; and finally the Good Company Room, which promises team building exercises as you’ve never experienced before. Available for groups of two to sixteen, prices start at £66; the Party Room can be booked for £180.

The newest arrival in Glasgow is Tick Tock Unlock. Already established in Leeds and Liverpool, this is a classic escape room set up designed for small groups of three to six people with a classic range of brain-teasers to test you. Costs vary between £48 and £84 depending on the number of players.

Happy escaping!

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