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Four fascinating art exhibitions to visit in Haifa this summer

These four fantastic art exhibits demonstrate Haifa’s impressive cultural array

© Kate Durbin

While Tel Aviv and Jerusalem often get all the attention, if you travel slightly north, you’ll discover a whole wealth of interesting places worth visiting. One such place is Haifa. Besides Haifa’s stunning Baha’i Gardens and complex industrial history, it also has some exquisite museums sprinkled throughout the city. Reexamine the meaning of ‘privacy’ at the Haifa Museum of Art, read tea leaves at the Tikotin museum at the crest of Mount Carmel, and find out if the pirate life is the life for you at these fresh exhibits.

Four art exhibits that highlight Haifa's culture


Pirates: The Skull and Crossbones

For those of you who thought pirates were just make believe bad guys in Peter Pan, this exhibition is about to prove you wrong. "Pirates: The Skull and Crossbones" narrows in on piracy as a worldwide phenomenon, a real worldwide phenomenon. Piracy was first recorded in the Mediterranean at the end of the 2nd millennium BCE, whereby a pirate was defined as "one who robs and plunders at sea, an individual who will attack any vessel for his own personal gain." While our understanding has changed over the years, the act of pirating has remained the same. Come distinguish fact from fiction at the National Maritime Museum.

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National Maritime Museum , Hadar-Carmel‏ Until Saturday December 30 2017

Between the Mountain and the Sea

Over the centuries, the city of coexistence has welcomed inhabitants from a diverse sphere of religions, cultures, communities, and sects – each of which have left their unique mark in contributing to making Haifa what it is today. Come learn about the developments of modern Haifa through projections and chronological timelines, all of which embrace its three central historical periods: the Ottoman period, the British Mandate, and the period following the foundation of the state of Israel.

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Haifa City Museum , The Lower City Until Saturday December 30 2017

The Art of Tea

Some legends say that Buddha discovered the tea plant's virtues when a leaf fell into his glass of water; others believe it was discovered by a Zen monk. The new tea-based exhibit "The Art of Tea" found solace in the Tikotin Museum of Japanese art, a fitting home for the Chinese medicinal product whose seedlings were brought over to Japan in 1191. On display: ceramic tea bowls, specifically raku, ink paintings of varying styles, and all that encompasses the aesthetics of tea in its traditional form.

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Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art , Hadar-Carmel‏ Until Saturday July 22 2017