A sneak peek at Tel Aviv's sensational summer cocktails

A brand new season, a brand new reason to enjoy these summer cocktails at the most creative bars in Tel Aviv

Written by
Jennifer Greenberg

It's summertime, which means many things in Tel Aviv: bustling beaches, longer days, ice cream galore...but summertime only means one thing for the White City bar scene: new cocktails! We've summoned Tel Aviv's cocktail Gods to grace us with their newest, wildest, wackiest summer creations. From fabulously fruity gardens of Eden to IV "blood baths" filled with the tomato-inspired classic Bloody Mary, these mixologists are leaving nothing behind. Here's a sneak peek at the sensational summer concoctions to imbibe from June to July and even August.

Summer highlights from the top Tel Aviv cocktail menus

"Fruit Garden" (by Aria Lounge)
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A Caribbean-inspired white rum-based cocktail with peach, passion fruit, elderflower syrup, fresh lime juice, and angostura bitters. Sweet, fruity, and fun - just the way we like.

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