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Tel Aviv nightlife: five hidden speakeasies

Did somebody say speakeasy? These five hidden cocktail bar gems are filled with 1+1 prohibition-inspired fun

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Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but Time Out Israel has rounded up the finest speakeasy bars in Tel Aviv. Step out of your cozy café comfort zone and into the roarin’ American jazz age at these hidden bars where the art of mixology is no joke, especially at the newest addition: Butler. When you’re sick of the Lonely Planet tourist traps and looking for a more exciting evening out, why not dive into the coconut infused “Pearl Diver” at the Louisiana themed French 57 or spice it up with a chili-salted passionfruit margerita at The Prince. You don’t need to bob your hair or put on a flapper skirt to enjoy these whimsical bars. All you need is a thirst for discovery that’s itching to be quenched.

Five secret Tel Aviv nightlife bars



The quaint one-room bar nestled inside Bellboy is a visual overload. The walls are adorned with period pieces like paintings, key holders and other gems. Mason jars filled with octopi, squids, brains and other organs add a little extra "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" feel to the Victorian ambiance; an old rotary dial sits promptly at one end of the bar, mixology mastermind Ariel Leizgold at the other.   While Bellboy adorns their cocktails with crazy serving vessels and magic tricks, Butler shines the spotlight on the cocktail itself – no hooty tooty aesthetics, just unbelievable combinations in simple, identical glasses. Read over the menus "house rules" then dive into the infinite possibilities. Standouts were the "Coffee Cocktail," which tastes exactly like coffee, but does not have a drop of espresso in it, and the "Aviation," which takes a classic gin cocktail, and infuses it with subtle notes of violet.   When you re-enter the reality of Rothschild Boulevard on a bustling weekend night, you'll dream of your next visit to Butler. You may even question if it was all a dream to begin with; if such a magical place could exist. Guess you'll just have to return and see...

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French 57

Nestled behind two easy-to-miss white doors marked only by a fleur-de-lis, French 57 is a scene straight out of New Orleans. The long bar table that takes up most of the inside invites those who are single and ready to mingle or those looking to catch up with a friend, to sit down and enjoy a drink and some Louisiana eats. The mixologists are constantly on the move, concocting everything from the classic Sazerac to the crowd favorite Pearl Diver, which features 57 French infused rum and coconut in every form imaginable. Step into the magical world of Mardi Gras and soak up the Cajun hospitality.

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Bell Boy

Redefining the bar experience since 2014, Bell Boy bar has one simple motto: “everyone deserves to have fun.” They pride themselves on an approach to food and drinks that is slightly out of the ordinary. We’d tell you what they mean, but we don’t want to ruin the surprise. You’ll just have to come to the lobby of the Bedichevsky boutique hotel to see for yourself. Reserving a table ahead of time is a smart idea as the place is as popular as it is stylish.

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Speakeasy - Rooftop on Rothschild

While walking down Rothschild, don’t miss this hidden bar. Step inside and up the stairs for a rooftop party and fresh beats overlooking the city. This stylish, funky spot uncovers a romantically hip view, and the food offers creative bites on sticks like the Speakeasy Caesar salad and other unexpected skewer bites. The cocktail list is imaginative, fun and surprising with booze-spiked popsicles.

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The Prince

Mismatched sofas lie beneath vintage-inspired book lined walls in this hipster chic bar and café. Lounge inside and sway to the beats of The Prince’s resident DJ on the decks or sashay onto its spacious rooftop fully equipped with outdoor seating to make this a perfect location on scorching hot Tel Aviv days. The Prince occasionally hosts live shows, from comedy to drama.

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