The craziest, zaniest, most outrageous cocktails on the Tel Aviv nightlife scene

From an I.V. bag filled with blood(y Mary) to PB&J in a glass, these eccentric cocktails are a thing of bizarre beauty
By Jennifer Greenberg |

First, Tel Aviv took the nightlife scene by storm, serving up beer and wine like it was nobody’s business. Then, some Israeli bartenders had a brilliant idea: “let’s introduce cocktails to the already bustling Tel Aviv nightlife scene.” Now, with a successful cocktail scene starting at Happy Hour and lasting into the wee hours (or breakfast if you’re at the Jasper), the mixologists are upping their game. From eccentric serving vessels like tiki cups and tea pots to brilliantly bizarre flavor combinations that make no sense, yet work, behold: the most outrageous — and delicious — cocktails in the city that never sleeps (but sure does drink).

Tel Aviv's most creative cocktails

© Roshianu & Moloko
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"Lesson in Fisting" - Bellboy

icon-location-pin White City

The name speaks for itself...and then the drink arrives. This bold cocktail features Zacapa 23, Calvados, Pear Liqueur, Bellboy Falernum, Pineapple, Lemon, Absinthe, and the finishing touch: a strawberry flavored condom. Better safe than sorry.

© Spicehaus Facebook page
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"The Thing" - Spicehaus

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv City Center

As if the creepy mad scientist theme and the bathroom's strange Edgar Allen Poe ambiance music weren't enough, Spicehaus has invited Thing to the party. With ginger, gin, mandarin liqueur, muddled berries, and the touch of Ginger beer, you've got the perfect Addam's Family happy hour. High five!

© Sarit Gofen
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"Pimped Up & Electric" (left), "Aztec Swizzle" (right) - 223

icon-location-pin Old North

I have an idea! Let's serve this electric cocktail in a lightbulb. "Pimped Up & Electric" (left) brings electric tequila to the forefront, alongside 223's spring cordial, lime, mint, elderflower, Pernod, and agave. Albert Einstein would be proud.

Head to Mexico with the "Aztec Swizzle" (right). This spicy situation combines Del Maguey mescal, Olmeca gold tequila, fresh cactus juice, chocolate bitters, green jalapeno syrup, agave, chipotle pepper, and lime juice, served in a very convincing cactus to match.

Blood Bath
© Ziv Cohen
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"Blood Bath" - Double Standard

icon-location-pin Old North

Usually the banana bag comes after the bender, but not in this case. Double Standard's take on the Bloody Mary combines vodka, garlic, tomatoes, and homemade spices inside an I.V. bag. Bring on the infusion, it's my type. I'm ABV positive. 

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