Stay Cool! 17 ways to survive the summer heat without AC

Written by
Jennifer Greenberg

It's Israel. It's summer. It's hot. You're bothered. Sometimes you have to get a little creative when the heat feels unbearable and your Air-Con is broken. We all know it takes the handyman at least a week (if not two) in Israel to tend to these matters so in the meantime, here are a few tips on how to make it through the month alive without an AC unit.

1. Go on a strict popsicle-only diet.

2. Linger by the AM:PM freezer section where all the 'cool kids' hang.

3. Casually slow your pace down when passing those automatic sliding doors that shove their shops' overly air conditioned atmosphere in your face.

4. Fall in love (or at least have a string of one-night stands) with someone who has an air conditioned apartment...on the down side, despite AC, you run the risk of your bodies sticking together in hot weather.

5. Buy a fan attachment for your child's stroller, wait for them to fall asleep, then turn it so that the air blows in your direction.


6. Stick your PJs in the freezer ten minutes or so before bed. It sounds crazy, but it works.

7. Forget about sticking it to the dood. Take cold power showers to get your cold blood pumping.

8. Study ice cream parlor rush hours and distinguish the best times to beat the Tamara traffic.

9. Become a night owl. Everything's cooler when the sun's not around.

10. Lie spread eagle on your cold ceramic floor. A 1:1 skin-to-cold-tile ratio is preferable.

11. Let loose at a naked beach. While no one wants to recreate the "Burning Bush," there's nothing like the summer breeze (albeit warm) rushing through your nether regions.

12. Spice up your life with Indian, Thai, or other chili-inspired tongue-tingling foods. While this seems counterproductive, spicy cuisine makes you sweat, which eventually cools you down.

13. Take a trip up north. While it's no Canadian weather, the temperatures tend to be slightly cooler the higher in the country you venture as well as up in the hills.

14. Splash in the fountains at Kikar Bialik or others scattered around the country...despite what the other children say, you're never too old.

15. Avoid the overly stuffed buses at all costs!

16. Oh so now you decide to shut the blinds? Keep the heat out by keeping your shades shut during the day.

17. Throw in the towel and invest in an AC unit.

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