Jaffa nightlife - the best bars and clubs in the city

Like brother, like sister. Tel Aviv’s older sister knows how to have a good time

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While the Tel Aviv nightlife scene is infamous for its wild clubs, delicious drinks and all-night parties, they aren’t the only city along the Mediterranean that knows how to keep the good times rolling. Unbelievable nightlife runs from the Tel Aviv Port all the way to Jaffa, where you can find just about anything from casual wine and beer bars to heart-pumping clubs. Take a break from your usual spots and head over to Jaffa tonight for a change of pace and a breath of fresh air. Plus, the drunken Jaffa street food offerings are worth the White City center detour.

The best of Jaffa nightlife



Passpartu is the place to be, if, like most Israelis, you love traveling and alcohol. This charming bar in the Jaffa flea market boasts a huge selection of craft beer and other drinks from around the world, along with tasty food. They have American, English, Italian, German, Belgian and Latin American beers - one of the largest selections in Tel Aviv. Passpartu is well-known amongst locals for their out-of-this-world garlic French fries, the perfect companion snack to a cold beer. Go for an arak cocktail or any other specialty drink, Passpartu has a great happy hour.  

Shuk HaPishpeshim


This vibrant flea market bar boasts live music, a variety of alcohol and a kitchen with scrumptious entrees. With an eclectic menu featuring pizzas, burgers, Middle Eastern staples and sweets, Akbar knows what the quintessential drunk crowd loves to eat. The music and vibes are relaxed, with indie rock, jazz, DJ hits and Israeli tunes that only sound better with every drink. Akbar regularly hosts events, including themed parties, so check their Facebook to keep in the loop. Stop in after wandering around the flea market, or arrive after dark for an arak.  

Shuk HaPishpeshim

Anna Loulou

If you find yourself in Jaffa late at night with an overwhelming thirst for the dance floor, look no further because Anna Loulou is the place to be. Talented DJs stretch their talents across the sounds of old school hip-hop, Latin, salsa and Arabic sets. Be forewarned, this is a relatively small place, but that won’t stop you from swinging your hips till the wee-hours of the morning. 

Old Jaffa

Casino San Remo

Come and soak in the sun at this hip restaurant hangout. Casino is a vibrant intersection of delicious food, eclectic music, and eye-opening art. The unique décor is a mishmash of plants, gems, and a giant flamingo, all combining to create a true Jaffa vibe. For the crafty, there are knitting workshops, drawing lessons, and many other get-togethers. The menu is overflowing with freshly vibrant ingredients, juicy hamburgers, and much more. Don’t miss the freshly squeezed lemonade in Mason jars spiced with celery and cucumber.

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Margoza Bar

A friendly, neighborhood bar beloved by locals, Margoza is where everyone seems to know your name. It’s a no-frills tapas haven, ideal for the last drink of the night, or for an escape away from Tel Aviv’s hard-rocking nightclub scene. The kitchen serves a variety of snacks and entrees for those with late-night hunger pains. Margoza also regularly hosts live music, DJs and parties - making their popularity no surprise. There’s also great service all around. Check out their happy hour from 18:00-21:00.

Shuk HaPishpeshim

Cuckoo’s Nest

The Cuckoo's Nest is truly a unique experience like no other. Part bar, part art gallery, all located inside an antique shop, the Cuckoo's Nest will give you an experience you surely never have had before and will likely remember long after you leave the bar. With a weekly selection of art to visit, you will always have something new to explore at Cuckoo's Nest. This Jaffa gem boasts great service, an impressive selection of cocktails and wine, and also a fantastic menu. In addition to exhibitions at the gallery, you may also find lectures, movie nights, and live music. Next time you're in Jaffa, the Cuckoo's Nest is a must-visit.

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Shaffa Bar

While wandering Shuk HaPishpeshim (Jaffa Flea Market), grab a seat at Shaffa Bar serving up local food, seasonal ingredients, and super creative dishes. During the day, the spot is hip and chic; at night, the scene is complemented with creative cocktails and occasional music shows.

Shuk HaPishpeshim


Motel, the bar built on the ruins of the old Stellar bar in Jaffa's Flea Market, is "American trash, a bit of sleaze, but with old-school vibes," says Bar Shira, one of the founders of the Imperial group, who teamed up with the Deluxe group for the purpose of the project. What they call "Trash" is translated into a cocktail menu that pays tribute to the delusional cocktails of the seventies and eighties. Drinks such as 'Sex On The Beach' and 'Tequila Sunrise' were upgraded to drinks like the 'PB & Jack' cocktail (Jack Daniels Honey, Port wine, peanut butter, lemon, sugar and egg white), 'Pink Skirt' (Woodford Reserve, mezcal del maguey, egg yolk, and maple), and 'Atomic Kitten' (Bacardi coconut white rum, Jamaican rum, pineapple rum with melon, pineapple, lemon and angostura bitters). Save room for food because the menu offers everything the Deluxe group does really, really well: variations of the over-the-top American barbecue dishes. In other words, dishes like the 'Mac Rib' (smoked spare ribs coated with deep fried panko with pickled onions and barbecue sauce); grilled corn-on-the-cob topped with cheese, smoked mayonnaise, and paprika; and their delicious deluxe burger (crispy brisket with cheddar cheese). So head on over to the South for some good ole' greasy grub and stellar cocktails to match.

Shuk HaPishpeshim

Par Derriere Bistro

Par Derriere is a romantic wine bar, divided into intimate spaces, each with a unique atmosphere. In the front section, designed to look like a European café and delicatessen, visitors can purchase products for take home. Inside, an intimate wine bar that sits adjacent to an open area, where smoking is allowed. The left hosts Kibbutz dining-hall style tables and chairs and further back sits a room for private events. The highlight is a magically designed garden out back, perfect for date night. The drink menu contains a large selection of fine wines, imported drinks and artistic cocktails. Dine on tapas or a finely crafted salad, a specialty Italian dish or one of the other fine menu items, such as roast beef carpaccio, chicken liver pate or a cheese platter. Finish off with a delectable dark chocolate mousse, crême brulée or Nutella pancake with banana and nuts.

Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Main Bazar

A flea-market favorite for Jaffa locals, Main Bazar is a relaxed neighborhood pub, perfect for dinner and drinks with friends. This aesthetic spot sits on a heavily-graffitied alleyway, giving a unique look to this bar. Main Bazar offers a delicious menu, including hummus, salads, pizzas, tapas and more. Come for a meal, or just to sip on one of Main Bazar’s signature cocktails, or from the vast wine, spirit and beer selection. For those who haven’t experienced the quiet, relaxed nighttime atmosphere of the Jaffa Flea Market, Main Bazar will be a treat!

Shuk HaPishpeshim
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