6 Tel Aviv restaurants and bars with the naughtiest nibbles

From the most indulgent drunk munch to the carbiest hangover cures, these guilty pleasures are both sinful and heavenly

Brasserie, Miznon, Jasmino
By Time Out Israel Writers

The Tel Aviv nightlife scene is second to none, leaving you with only one option: to go all in. You’ll inevitably reach a point in the night when you become ravenous and, while you may not be too picky about what you stuff in your mouth in such an inebriated state, there’s such stellar drunk munch available that it would be a shame not to indulge. We wouldn’t abandon you in your most vulnerable state, so we have rounded up the best hangover cures for the morning after, too. 

"Drunk Munch" or "Hangover Healer"?

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Restaurants, French

French Fries - Brasserie

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv - Jaffa


Fries are the quintessential drunk munch and, though they are a ’plenty, nowhere beats Brasserie. Open 24/7, this classy joint may require you to tone down your drunken tomfoolery, but the self control will be well worth it. Skinny, crisp and wrapped in newspaper, old-school style, they are the thing of dreams. 

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Halva Babka - Dallal

icon-location-pin Neve Tzedek


When only something sweet will do, French bakery Dallal is always your best bet. Their halva babka boasts a lightly nutty flavor in a brioche dough. Available in individual sizes and as a cake (which we would argue also constitutes an individual portion), ride the sugar high to recovery. 

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Restaurants, Street food

Jasmino's Pita - Jasmino

icon-location-pin White City


Perched on Allenby - the busy nightlife hub, Jasmino offers locals a quality street food spot that draws the drunk munch crowd. The unexpected gem serves simple, yet sensational, charcoal grilled options in grab-and-go pitas. The four options include: kebabs, chicken, housemade sausage, and spicy veal heart. All of these come with salad and pita, hot peppers, grilled onions and tahini.

Restaurants, Venezuelan

Cachapa - Arepa’s

icon-location-pin Shuk  HaCarmel


Slap bang in the middle of the Shuk is hangover heaven: Arepa’s. Dolling out Venezuelan street food, this place is sure to lift your spirits. The cachapa is a pancake made from freshly ground corn kernels, stuffed with melting, salty cheese and finished with a slab of butter. You’ll be singing Despacito after the first bite.

Crack toast
Bars, Cocktail bars

Crack Toast - Double Standard

icon-location-pin Old North


“Grilled cheese” is always music to our ears, and the Double Standard cocktail bar takes this magical dish to celestial heights. Their Crack Toast includes truffles snuggled into melted cheese, finished with a healthy drizzle of syrup, just like Aunt Jemima used to make. Savoury, sweet umami-ness that makes it near-impossible to order just one.

Ha Miznon
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Restaurants, Israeli

Whole Cauliflower - Miznon

icon-location-pin White City


If you’re drowning in guilt over your excessive substance intake the night before, Miznon’s whole roasted cauliflower is the perfect hearty, yet hydrating, cure. Drown your sorrows in tahini and go to town on the meatiest vegan food you've ever tasted.  You'll soon feel as good as new.

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