A caffeine addict’s guide to Tel Aviv City Center cafés

One cup of coffee at these central cafés and you’ll understand why Starbucks couldn’t keep up here

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In Tel Aviv, coffee is more than just a drink, it is an important part of Israeli culture. A poorly prepared ‘café hafuch’ can ruin an entire day, which is why we’ve sipped espressos from north to south in search of the best Tel Aviv cafés. After much caffeine-charged research, we found a shockingly strong caffeine concentration radiating from the City Center. So, we’ve rounded up the most noteworthy central spots to pair the best cup o’ joe with equally delicious food and baked goods. Behold! A caffeine addict's guide to Central Tel Aviv cafés.

The best Tel Aviv cafés in the City Center


Café Bialik

The perfect accompaniment to a brisk summer stroll down Tel Aviv’s Bialik Street is one of the most charming cafés in Israel. It attracts for its Israeli breakfast – salads finely chopped, jams, cheeses, eggs, but the neighborhood-coziness keeps you coming back for more. Nearby spots are Bialik House and the cultural Beit Ha’ir center, but hanging out there until the evenings witnessing live music bewitch the night is an unforgettable experience. Local musicians aren’t the only things on the menu - it’s the laidback spirit that turns it into a daily urban haven.

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The menu consists of traditional Israeli food featuring a wide range of meat, fish, salads and drinks. Most who enter Tachtit will agree that the multiple rooms, great music, and well-dressed staff are a reason to continue coming back. With a large menu featuring a diverse selection of items, even the most discerning customers are guaranteed to find something to enjoy. If you’re feeling especially hungry, be sure to order the hamburger with fries, often called the best burger in Tel Aviv. Tachtit is also open on Shabbat (Saturday), making it the perfect weekend lunch spot.

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Café Habima

In the intersection where Rothschild meets Ben Zion, you'll find one of the best cafés in town. Just across from Habima theater lies this café meets kiosk that produces heavenly coffee drinks and sandwiches that will have you...well, just eat them and you'll find out. Named after its location, Café Habima with its signature graffiti, "We Love You Too", is the place to be if you are looking to capture the Tel Avivian vibe. The location is right on, the people are beautiful, the window displaying the freshly prepared sandwiches is mouthwatering and the general atmosphere suggests that no one really has a job in Tel Aviv. If the weather is nice, and it usually is in Tel Aviv, grab a blanket (you can ask for one) and sip your coffee right on the grass, soaking in the sun. Beware: the lines at the register are sometimes really long. But, once you order, you will get a colorful heart statue signaling to the waiter where you are seated and you will find it was worth the wait. Did we mention service here is everything?

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Orna and Ella

Located on the swanky Shenkin Street, Orna and Ella provides fresh Israeli comfort food in a blissfully relaxed setting. The music-free atmosphere provides a respite from bustling Tel Aviv. As a well-known Tel Aviv institution, Orna and Ella has consistently served up delicious and timeless food for 24 years. With charming and attentive service accompanied by coffee and cocktails, it is easy to get lost in their inviting environment. Be sure to try the sweet potato pancakes!

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From the minute you lay eyes on Anastasia, you will feel at home. Everything is in superabundance at this spacious café: from the light shining through the windows to the health-savvy staff and the extensive menu of vegan, raw and gluten-free options and uber-nutritious dishes. The primary focus at Anastasia is healthful vegan food. Tasty menu options include: the sweet potato quiche with a spelt crust filled with a lush walnut-based cheese, buttery lima beans and Jerusalem artichokes, all served with lightly-toasted bruschetta. Also try their towering salads boasting carefully-selected fresh vegetables and immune-boosting ingredients. There is a plethora of handmade, raw desserts sweetened with natural ingredients to choose from, such as the indulgent bite-size Kit Kat bar, made from raw chocolate, dates and amaranth crispies, decadent yet not cloyingly sweet. Also try any of their refreshing smoothies with tasty and healthy ingredients such as spirulina, goji berries, acai berries, maca, aloe vera water and chia seeds. They also have lots of treats to take home like vegan chocolates, cookies of all kinds, raw crackers and nut cheeses.

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