A chocoholic’s guide to Tel Aviv

These White (chocolate) City restaurants are whipping up treats so scrumptious that even Augustus Gloop would be satisfied

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By Sarah Mador

CALLING ALL CHOCOHOLICS! For those of you in need of a chocolate fix after every meal, or better yet, as your main meal, then it’s time to listen up because this article is for you. Tel Aviv is stuffed with some of the sweetest, chocolatiest, most decadent desserts out there. After all, the country did give birth to Max Brenner–the internationally recognized chocolate restaurant and retail brand. Opt for milk, white, dark, or all of the above with our chocoholic's guide to Tel Aviv.

"All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt" - Charles M. Schulz

The best chocolate desserts in Tel Aviv restaurants


Chocolate Ball: Choco Lulu

Looking for your latest chocolatey insta? Grab your phone because it's time to take a selfie with your disappearing ball of chocolate before it’s gone forever. The dish is served with a cup of warm chocolate that, once poured overtop, reveals loads of sweet chocolatey goodies hiding inside. Choco Lulu is full of sweet surprises and this one is no exception.

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Black Forest Dessert: Taizu

icon-location-pin White City

This chocolate dessert is packed with a unique combination of flavors that will have your taste buds delighted. Imagine your favorite black forest cake, deconstruct it, and you've got quite the showstopper. Found at one of Tel Aviv’s trendiest restaurant, Taizu's Black Forest Dessert combines the perfect balance of tart, tangy, and sweet for the photo finish to a delectable meal.

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Chocolate Cupcake: Red Velvet

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv City Center

While the cupcake scene exploded overseas some years ago, Tel Aviv has a few hidden gems of its own. Red Velvet’s wide selection of chocolate goodies includes their oh-so-scrumptous signature chocolate cupcake that will take you back to the heydays of your youth with each blissful bite.

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Ferrero Rocher: Pastel

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv - Jaffa

If Anita’s gelato version of the golden wrapped chocolate whet your Ferrero Rocher appetite, just wait until you try Pastel’s take on the iconic confection. Based on the classic Italian treat, this dessert comes with a beautiful combination of dark and milk chocolate mousse, packed with a nutty Hazelnut praline crunch.

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Hot Chocolate: Max Brenner

icon-location-pin White City

Ever loved a cup of hot chocolate so much you just wanted to hug it? Well that is the goal for each and every cup o' cocoa served up in Max Brenner's signature huggable mug. Their rich hot chocolates are sure to warm your soul on a cool winter night and so absolutely addictive you may find yourself ordering one on a hot summer’s day too.

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Guli's: Guli's Desserts

These Belgian waffle-inspired balls of chocolate are unique to Tel Aviv’s Sarona Market. As if the made-to-order golden dough balls weren’t enough on their own, Guli's stuffs them with milk chocolate. But wait! The chocolate madness doesn’t stop there. Smother these beauties in any combination of chocolate sauces and toppings your little heart desires. Can’t decide between milk chocolate or Nutella? Have no fear, both are here!


Chocolate Rozalach: Landwer

While nothing competes with Marzipan’s ooey-gooey oh-so-messy rugelach, Landwer comes pretty damn close. The Eastern European dessert is executed to perfection at this café where the bite-sized pastries are served warm making them crunchy on the outside, gooey on the inside. To put it simply, they might just put you in a chocolate coma.

Warning: this dessert may be highly addictive for anyone who loves chocolate, likes chocolates, or simply hasn’t decided yet.

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Oreo Pancakes: Benedict

icon-location-pin White City

If cookies and cream is the name of your chocolate game then you must try Benedict’s Oreo mini pancakes. Don’t fret the name. While some believe that “size matters,” these mini pancakes pack quite the punch. The pancakes themselves are some of the fluffiest you’ll ever try. The center is cut out and filled with an Oreo cookie sauce that oozes out when you cut into them. And the best part? Benedict’s is open 24/7 to satisfy your white chocolate oreo needs anytime of day, whether you’re looking to drunch, munch, or just plain lunch.

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Ferrero Rocher Gelato: Anita

icon-location-pin Neve Tzedek

Anita’s is so much more than an ice cream and froyo shop. The iconic gelato establishment is filled with as many customers as decadent chocolate gelato flavors, like the cookiemonster and belgian chocolate. Don’t let the wide array overwhelm you; one flavor stands apart from the rest: Ferrero Rocher. This insanely rich, yet nutty gelato will cure any cocoa craving.

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Chocolate Souffle: Amore Mio

Chocolate souffle is a chocoholic’s dream and the chocolate souffle at Amore Mio is exactly that and more. The molten chocolate inside is literally what dreams are made of. Even if you think you’re stuffed from the exquisite Italian offerings, you better make room for dessert because we promise the souffle will go above and beyond your greatest chocolate expectations.

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Chocolate Mousse: Port Said

icon-location-pin White City

This Tel Aviv restaurant staple wouldn’t be complete without a chocolatey dessert to top off your perfect Tel Avivian meal. Their fluffy, no frills chocolate mousse is one to go down in the books. Port Said’s badass chefs take the simplistic approach to this classic dessert with the perfect pairing of rich chocolate and a light fluffy texture.

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