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Five hidden food treasures sprinkled behind the bustling Carmel Market

There IS a food God, and (s)he's hiding behind Shuk HaCarmel

© Anatoly Michaello

Ever wondered what’s beyond the bustling main Shuk HaCarmel road? What treasures lie within the charming Yemenite quarter? Well it’s time to turn those dreams into a reality. Here are some must try places right outside Tel Aviv's famed Israeli market that will not only excite your taste buds, but also set the perfect ambiance for a perfect Tel Aviv day.

5 foodie fixes hidden behind the Carmel Market


Ha’kovshim Bistro

Ha’Kovshim Bistro lies between Tel Aviv’s gorgeous promenade and its vibrant Carmel market - a perfect combination of both trendy and local. With fresh local produce ordered daily too, the colorful space is a fitting backdrop for its eclectic menu. Revel in the shelves decorated with baskets of fruits and vegetables that will tantalize your taste buds for what’s to come. With meat and vegetarian options, an easily shareable Israeli breakfast and Mediterranean dishes like tapas and fresh sardines, come for a friendly atmosphere and stay for the quality food.

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Shuk  HaCarmel

Cafe Yom Tov

Café Yom Tov is located in the bustling Carmel Market, a neighborhood favorite for organic coffee, fresh sandwiches and boutique pastries. This charming cafe is a great place to start your morning with a cappuccino, or to finish your night off with a beer. Come evening time, it transforms into a laid-back salon, offering a menu featuring fresh ingredients from the shuk, alcohol and live, eclectic music. Sit outside, enjoy Tel Aviv while noshing on some of the best lentils of your life. Café Yom Tov is popular with locals, expats and travelers - boasting an international vibe, rife with eclectic people.  

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Shuk  HaCarmel


Nestled off the main Shuk path, just beside Shukshuka, M25 is famous for their steller meat with a vibe to match. The back patio is full of life – a prime backdrop for any Tel Aviv meal. This is not your average meat restaurant; much like choosing your lobster at a seafood restaurant, you can actually see and choose whichever meat tickles your fancy from the display window right when you walk in. If that doesn’t tempt you, then I have one word: shawarma. This is not your average overly-greasy street shawarma, oh no, this is the shawarma of all shawarmas. You may be wondering, what makes it so special? Let’s just say it’s everything you could dream of in a meat dish and more, topped with a zesty lemon finish.

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Shuk  HaCarmel


Just because they’re the new kid on the block doesn’t mean they’re not a force to be reckoned with. This new hot spot is serving up scrumptious rump steak sandwiches, need I say more? I must because that’s just the start. What makes them unique is the special deep fried bread they use called Zalabia. This cloud of carby goodness is fixed with all the works, hand carved rump steak, an aioli like you’ve never tasted before, arugula and cheese. The only way to understand just how special this steak sandwich is is to experience one for yourself. The perfect shuk snack.

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Shuk  HaCarmel


This happening Carmel market spot is a shakshuka haven, serving up fancier versions of the über-popular baked eggs in tomato sauce dish. Take your pick : the Spanish version with salami, spinach and chickpeas, or the Italian version featuring goat cheese and basil are two of our favorites. Don’t be fooled by the name though as this happening spot has more to offer then just your popular Israeli dish. The rest of the menu is fully stacked with other goodies like Israeli salad, done right, and what can essentially be described as a Shawarma pizza. Friday mornings are always happening as people come here to kick off the weekend with the Carmel market vibe.

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Shuk  HaCarmel
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