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Family-friendly things to do in Tel Aviv

Family fun doesn’t always have to be scheduled months in advance. Grab your kids and jump in on these activities today

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You’ve tackled our list of family-friendly things to do in Jerusalem, you’ve spent so many days in Park HaYarkon that you can’t even bare to look at the river anymore, and you’re fresh out of ideas. With Pesach just around the corner, the kids will be off school with plenty of free time and even more energy. You can’t spend every day at the beaches in Tel Aviv, despite the brilliant weather. Spice things up a little with our list of family-friendly things to do in Tel Aviv with the kids this season.

Things to do in Tel Aviv with the children



The Eretz Israel Museum is more than a series of exhibits exploring the history and culture of Israel. Inside the multidisciplinary museum sits a magical place that is literally “out of this world.” At the Planetarium you can sneak a peek at the stars the same way that Galileo did through his telescope. Watch a riveting presentation about the mysterious galaxies that exist all the while spinning in revolving seats or learn about Israel’s first ever astronaut, Ilan Ramon, and view real time pictures of outer space provided by NASA. The Planetarium is a great place to bring your children and also expand your adult minds to the boundless worlds of science. English presentations are available by reservation.

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Tel Aviv - Jaffa

Surf Point

Wind, sand, surf: water sport lovers have a chance to enjoy all three at Tel Aviv’s Dolphinarium Beach, Surf Point - the largest water sport center in Israel. The complex offers lessons in windsurfing, kayaking, and, for the truly adventurous, kitesurfing.

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Tel Aviv Beach 

Tel-O-Fun (Green Rental Bike)

Ever dreamed of experiencing the chaotic roads like a true Tel Avivian? Well, now you can with these green machines. Tel-O-Fun bicycles are modern, safe, 3-speed bicycles located throughout Tel Aviv. The perks of this green energy alternative are that the user can purchase the bike for varying periods of time and can return the bike to any location in Tel Aviv. Not only that, after purchasing an extremely affordable day-pass, the first 30 minutes are free! As Tel Aviv is highly accessible by bike, the Tel-O-Fun program is an awesome way to explore the city while living like a local. From day to week passes, this ingenious program grants you the freedom and fun of having a bike without the worry of bike theft. So grab one of the signature green bikes and ride along Tel Aviv’s warm and stunning coastline over to Park Hayarkon for an afternoon of exploring.  

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Park  HaYarkon

Hot Air Balloon TLV

Ever wanted to experience a hot air balloon? Look no further! Floating up to 120 meters high, this giant balloon is an amazing and unique Tel Aviv attraction. Carrying up to 30 people per ride, this massive helium-filled balloon provides a 360 degree view of Tel Aviv, day or night. Located in the beautiful Yarkon Park this adventurous attraction is sure to impress any visitors to Israel.

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Park  HaYarkon

Park Hayarkon Boat Rentals

Get your legs moving or start your engines and enjoy this special spot on the river in Park Hayarkon. With two offerings, visitors can choose the more active route and paddle their pedal boat manually, or go the motor boat route, allowing for a more casual way to explore the river. Park Hayarkon Paddle / Motor Boat Rentals is perfect for all ages, so don’t be shy. It’s worth a detour from the salty ocean to explore the sweet water. So grab your lifejackets, get ready to get your tan on, and spend a calming morning paddling downstream.  

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Park  HaYarkon

Escape rooms in Israel...are you up to the challenge?

While Tel Aviv’s nightlife guarantees a good party and Jerusalem has its fair share of fun bars, sometimes, we could all use a break from the booze. That’s where escape rooms come in. The escape room fad in Israel is growing in popularity as families, friends and coworkers are taking their stab at cracking the code on difficult scenarios and working together to escape themed rooms within the allotted timeframe. From scary murder-themed rooms to family-friendly chocolate factories, these ten escape rooms offer fun options for every escapee. Can you beat the clock and get out alive? Or will you be trapped inside for all of eternity?

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By: Liat Fruman

A day at the Tel Aviv Port

While the Jaffa port has been around since the start, Tel Aviv has developed a newer northern attraction at the opposite end of the sandstrip. During the day, Namal Tel Aviv (the Tel Aviv Port) is surrounded by action: Tel-o-fun bikers on their way to Park HaYarkon, shoppers enjoying the outlet overload, families waiting in line for weekend brunch, and friendly fisherman catching their own. At night, the area’s hangars transform into Tel Aviv’s most happening nightlife scene, hosting crazy parties, community events, and all-night Jazz jams. Come see for yourself at the city’s trendiest hotspot.  

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By: Jennifer Greenberg

Levant Fair

During its inception in 1932, Levant fair attracted six hundred thousand people, which was three times the population of the Jewish community in the country at that time. Unfortunately, during the second World War, it lost its glam and was neglected. However, in 2011, "Atarim" took the fair under its wing and began some much-needed rehabilitation, renewing the compound to a bustling cultural center for entertainment and commerce. Today, the compound is rife with designer boutiques, lifestyle shops, restaurants, cafés and even an amphitheatre for live performances. With plenty of shopping and activities, Levant Fair is back and better than ever.

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Tel Aviv Port

Lev Theatre

Hidden behind the McDonald’s on the top level of Dizengoff center is a peaceful little theatre. Lev Tel Aviv is part of the well-known Lev cinema chain that spans Israel, though rumor has it Tel Aviv’s branch is the best. This cinema pleases audiences of all languages, screening both Hollywood hits and blockbusters alongside indie European masterpieces - all with Hebrew subtitles. Each cinema room has limited seating, which provides for an intimate experience. At unbeatable prices like their 7-movie package for 160 NIS, Lev Tel Aviv is every movie buff’s dream.

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Tel Aviv City Center

Beit Ha'ir - Museum of the History of Tel Aviv-Yafo

Hiding just behind Gan Meir, Beit Ha’ir is an open house for all residents, artists, writers, scholars, tourists, and any other guest imaginable who yearn to take part in Tel Aviv’s story and spirit. The building (meaning “Town Hall” in Hebrew), is part of the Bialik Complex, a center of Israeli and Hebrew culture. As a part of the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site, the building was recently renovated to include a lively hub of art exhibits and information unraveling the White City’s deep cultural history. Beit Ha’ir also hosts public debates in an effort to advance urban processes.  

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Tel Aviv City Center
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