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Go gaga for Georgian cuisine at these Tel Aviv restaurants

...No, we don’t mean the U.S. state. These Georgian restaurants will send your palates on a culinary adventure they’ll never forget

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Looking for a rich and authentic culinary experience steeped in Georgian culture? Whether you are familiar with the Eurasian country or you always thought it was an American state, you’ll go gaga for these Georgian restaurants in the heart of the city. Be it the first pillowy bite of mushroom-stuffed dumplings at Nanuchka, a staple of the Tel Aviv vegan scene, or an exotic meat dish and fresh-from-the-oven Georgian breads set to a regional musical background, these heavenly establishments are a must.  

The best Tel Aviv restaurants for Georgian cuisine



This once-carnivorous Georgian restaurant/bar was wildly-popular from the get-go. Best known for late nights-turned-early-mornings with Tel Aviv's party set, the rowdy bar is often a stage for late-night partiers and their liquor-infused dance moves. When owner Nana Schreier decided she was done with meat and ready to turn this well-loved spot to a vegan one, this place continued to thrive. Enjoy new-to-you flavors and fresh-from-the-oven Georgian pastries and breads, as well as chinkalis, Georgian dumplings and stuffed vegetables.

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White City


Racha is a unIque familial restaurant offering a rich and authentic culinary experience steeped in Georgian culture. Decorated to resemble a typical Georgian establishment with traditional music filling the air and a staff of native Georgians, Racha is about as genuine as one can get without taking a vacation to the western Asian/Eastern European country. With delicious, exotic dishes and a large alcohol menu, it is the ideal place to try an unexpected menu, or host a special event unlike any other. Giving great importance to stellar service and high quality ingredients, Racha is truly special.

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White City


This unforgettable restaurant transports you right to Georgia, with authentic Georgian decor and a warm, cozy atmosphere. Shota is one of the few restaurants where you truly cannot go wrong - whether you sample the Khachapuri with cheese and spinach, the Khinkali or the Hinkali, you’ll swear you ordered the best thing on the menu. Each plate bursts with authentic flavors that will excite all your senses. Don’t forget your dancing shoes – Shota’s owner is famous for playing traditional Georgian music that has the entire restaurant dancing and celebrating.  

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Deda is a charming restaurant serving up Georgian-Israeli fusion cuisine at four locations across Israel. The name means ‘mother’ and the food served is meant to simulate a home cooked meal. Here you can enjoy classic tasty dishes, such as Harcho, tender veal in a walnut sauce, or a traditional kebab. Stop in for the buffet-style breakfast that includes traditional pastries and succulent meats, along with other authentic Georgian treats. Deda restaurant has a breathtaking view of the sea and emphasizes creativity, culture and atmosphere.  

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Bat Yam

Tash and Tasha

This modern Georgian resto-bar in the center of Jaffa is dedicated to fresh, healthy and nutritious food served large portions including different kinds of khachapuri, grilled meats and a plethora of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Try the signature Georgian drinks, unlike anything you’ve ever tasted before. Founded by musician Mickey Mirel and his wife, Yifat Talalaevsky, Tash & Tasha also share a love of live music and regularly hosts performances. Stop in on Sundays for a weekly performance of vibrant contemporary Georgian music.

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Tel Aviv - Jaffa


If you’re looking for a quiet dinner date spot, then move on, Supra is more of a nightclub-restaurant combo. This Georgian spot is all about atmosphere - featuring live DJs bumping beats and a dance floor to get your groove on. You'll also find authentic flavors and aromas, with traditional Georgian snacks and dishes alongside wine and Georgian beers. Try a kebab, hinkali meat pastry, or the traditional chihuahili chicken stew. Located in one of the hippest parts of Tel Aviv, it is the perfect spot to grab dinner while getting prepped to party.

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White City
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