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The 5 most buzzing coffee kiosks in Tel Aviv

There’s a reason these outdoor coffee kiosks are always packed...

© Anatoli Michaelo

There are two things Tel Avivians know well: coffee and sunshine. While the White City’s café scene is as happening as ever, there’s something truly local about sipping an espresso smack dab in the middle of the outdoor action. Whether you choose to take your caffeine fix on Dizengoff Street, Israel’s legendary national performing arts theater, or the iconic Rothschild Boulevard, these coffee kiosks on the most popular Tel Aviv streets are as addictive as coffee itself.

The Tel Aviv coffee kiosks to be and be seen


Café Habima

In the intersection where Rothschild meets Ben Zion, you'll find one of the best cafés in town. Just across from Habima theater lies this café meets kiosk that produces heavenly coffee drinks and sandwiches that will have you...well, just eat them and you'll find out. Named after its location, Café Habima with its signature graffiti, "We Love You Too", is the place to be if you are looking to capture the Tel Avivian vibe. The location is right on, the people are beautiful, the window displaying the freshly prepared sandwiches is mouthwatering and the general atmosphere suggests that no one really has a job in Tel Aviv. If the weather is nice, and it usually is in Tel Aviv, grab a blanket (you can ask for one) and sip your coffee right on the grass, soaking in the sun. Beware: the lines at the register are sometimes really long. But, once you order, you will get a colorful heart statue signaling to the waiter where you are seated and you will find it was worth the wait. Did we mention service here is everything?

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Tel Aviv City Center

Rothschild Coffee Kiosk

With its lively vibe and tempting baked goods, the Rothschild Coffee Kiosk is sure to lure you in for a quick stop. With a large selection of salads, breakfasts and hot sandwiches as well as a full coffee menu, this charming spot is always popping. Ideally located in the middle of Rothschild Boulevard, grab a coffee, feel like a local, and enjoy the people watching. Offering picnic mats for the grass and an assortment of tables, you are guaranteed to find a quaint place to stop and recharge.

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White City

Café Castel

With incredible coffee and one of the best breakfasts in Tel Aviv, Café Castel is a great way to start your morning. Located in the middle of Ibn Gvirol Street, Café Castel is a pleasant neighborhood espresso bar with great coffee and affordable menu items. Try a delicious sandwich, homemade pastry or a glass of fresh squeezed juice. It’s the perfect spot to sit in the sun and people watch, or chat with the friendly staff about what's going on in Tel Aviv.  

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Old North

Dizengoff Coffee Kiosk - La Ca Phe

When a kiosk doesn’t even bother to brand itself with a name and yet is still consistently a popular choice – especially for lunch – you know their food must be worth your shekels. Located on Dizengoff Street at the intersection with Ben Gurion, this kiosk has an impressively large selection of sandwiches offered in all shapes and sizes and ranging from the gluten-free to the totally not kosher (think ham and cheese). They’ve also got pretzels, pastries, cookies, brownies and some pretty amazing cinnamon rolls and rugelach.

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Tel Aviv City Center

Ben Yehuda Coffee Kiosk - Berale

If you think coffee is reserved for early mornings and afternoon slumps the no-name kiosk on Ben Yehuda at the intersection with Ben Gurion will prove you wrong. There is literally always a line and aside from a very small selection of sandwiches and pastries all they serve is coffee - a fantastic local coffee, called Dada, from Hod HaSharon to be exact.

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Tel Aviv City Center
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