Get baked: the best bakeries in Tel Aviv to get your Rosh Hashanah sweets

L’Shanah Tova! To a sweet New Year! These Tel Aviv bakeries promise to make it an even sweeter one

Lehamem Erez
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Every year come September the land of “Milk and Honey” transforms into the land of “Apples and Honey.” Families across Israel gather around the dinner table to toast the New Year with everything pomegranate and a crisp slice of Granny Smith dunked in ooey-gooey-oh-so-delicious honey. Even if your New Year’s resolution is to eat healthier or cut the carbs, it’s not quite 5779 yet. Get in those last sinful sweets at these Tel Aviv bakeries offering up the best Rosh Hashanah desserts in town–from fresh-baked challah, to apple tarts, honey cakes, and more (galore).

Tel Aviv bakeries to get your Rosh Hashanah sweets

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NOLA American Bakery

icon-location-pin Old North

Classic American Apple Pie (NIS 150): crispy pastry dough filled with apples and cinnamon

Apple Streusel Cake (NIS 38): vanilla and cinnamon cake with apple jam and streusel

Honey Pie (NIS 130): crispy pastry filled with soft, melted honey with a salty twist

Upside Down Honey & Fig Cake (NIS 68): honey cake with a layer of red figs

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Lehamim Bakery

icon-location-pin Sarona

Festive Challah (NIS 23): round, braided and airy, decorated with seeds

Honey Challah (NIS 59): the perfect challah for the holiday table, braided around handmade pottery

Classic Honey Cake (NIS 39): classic, soft, spicy and juicy

Honey & Citrus Cake (NIS 89): spiced honey cake with pecans (dairy)

Bee Sting (NIS 89): a classic cake made of airy yeast dough, patisserie cream, and a honey and almond paste

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icon-location-pin Tel Aviv City Center

Apple & Honey Tart: a round and festive cake by Grandma Rohka

Honey Tart: with sweet ricotta cheese, pine nuts, and palm honey

Almond Financier: with ginger and Granny Smith apples

Crunchy Almond Cream: with golden raisins and Grand Smith apples

Ira Dessert: festive dessert with lemon cream and apple compote

Rustic Apples: apple-cinnamon bread made from country flour and butter

Brioche Challah: with butter and grated orange

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icon-location-pin Old North

Dolce Honey Mousse (NIS 69): honey mousse on a base of chocolate and nuts

Fig & Spice Cake (NIS 49): coated with white glaze

Buttercups (NIS 38): traditional honey buttercups with citrus

Bee Sting (NIS 55): mixed dough with almond and honey coating filled with vanilla cream

Honey Cake - with orange fruit marmalade (NIS 49)

Chaussons Aux Pommes (NIS 10): personal pastries filled with apples and caramel

Apple Cream Cake (NIS 59): with sugar pearls

Honey Cakes (NIS 42): classic / walnut / Medjool date / plum

Piece of Cake
© Yaakov Shenhav

Piece of Cake

Honey Cakes (2 for NIS 55): Traditional/Cranberry-Pecan/Beer & Chopped Nuts/Lemon Ginger/Vegan Silan

Round Honey Cakes (NIS 49): Beer, Apples, & Chopped Nuts/Plum, Sugar, & Almonds

Apple Pies (NIS 59.90): Almond Lemon Cream/Classic (with cinnamon and raisins) - Vegan or Non-Vegan

Pomegranate Malabi Mousse Cake (NIS 69): coconut base, Bavarian white chocolate with rose water and pomegranate marmalade

Lehamem Erez
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Lehem Erez

icon-location-pin Herzliya

Mascarpone Cake (Small: NIS 64, Large: NIS 98): baked cake with mascarpone cream and ricotta cheese on crisp buttery pastry, topped with apples glazed with honey and cinnamon

Classic Honey Cake (NIS 38): honey cake made from a "Lehem Erez" secret recipe

Apple & Honey Challah (NIS 25): sweet round honeycomb challah, enriched with dried apples and spiced with cinnamon

Crystallized Sugar Challah (NIS 22): sweet round challah decorated with sugar crystals - vegan

Dallal Bakery
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Dallal Bakery

icon-location-pin Neve Tzedek

Financier Honeymoon Praline Package (NIS 15)

Festive Challah (NIS 18)

Traditional Round Honey Cake (NIS 44)

Honey Cake with black beer and walnuts (NIS 44)

Normandy Tart (NIS 29/120): flaky dough, almond cream, apples and baked patisserie cream

© Boaz Lavi

Biscotti Bakery

Classic Honey Cake (NIS 42)

Honey Financier (NIS 58): finely sliced honey cake with Belgian chocolate truffles

Honey Basbousa  (NIS 58): traditional cake soaked in honey syrup

Citrus Cake (NIS 58): yeast dough enriched with honey citrus patisserie cream and nuts

Yogurt Cream Cake With Apples in Honey (NIS 58/112/168): dough base with notes of ginger, caramel apples with honey, yogurt cream and honey

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