The best of Bat Yam

With whispers of merging with Tel Aviv, Time Out shines the spotlight on Bat Yam – restaurants, attractions and more

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With the recent focus shifted towards Bat Yam, and the fate of the city’s independence hanging in the balance, we figured it was a good time to highlight Bat Yam’s best features. Just a half hour or so away from the White City, Bat Yam hosts one of the more impressive malls in Israel, not to mention some stellar contributions to Israeli culture like its performing arts center. Throw in one of the grandest museums in Israel – the three-building complex MoBY – and beautiful Israeli beaches, some must-visit restaurants and an exquisite Israeli wine shop and you’ve got a perfect weekend escape from the hustle and bustle of Tel Aviv.

Bat Yam or bust: an ultimate city guide


Wine N' Dine

When you walk into Wine N’ Dine you will be hit with an exciting blend of smells and tastes. The professional staff will help you to select your perfect beverage, and pair it with gourmet cheeses from Israel and abroad. Browse the shelves of mouthwatering gourmet candies, cookies and breads. Wine N’ Dine believes that no dinner is complete without a good wine, beer or liquor, making it the best place to shop for your next gathering.

Bat Yam

MoBY: Museum of Bat Yam

The greater Tel Aviv-Jaffa metropolitan area is scattered with galleries and museums. Among these are the Museums of Bat Yam. The MoBY is separated into three spaces operating in the heart of Bat Yam: the David Ben-Ari Museum for Contemporary Art (main building displaying temporary exhibits, community programs and academic conferences), the Rybak House and the Sholem Asch Museum (home to the MoBY’s permanent collection). From addressing globalism in “The Kids Want Communism” to an exhibition featuring the works of local Bat Yam artists, the three-museum complex will surely captivate the most curious art enthusiasts.  

Bat Yam

Bat Yam Mall

This spacious mall has all of Israel’s best boutiques and cafés including mega chains Castro, Fox, Steimatzky books, Café Café, plus a state-of-the-art cinema for movie-goers. For families with children, the mall offers many entertainment shows, especially during the summer season.

Bat Yam


Deda is a charming restaurant serving up Georgian-Israeli fusion cuisine at four locations across Israel. The name means ‘mother’ and the food served is meant to simulate a home cooked meal. Here you can enjoy classic tasty dishes, such as Harcho, tender veal in a walnut sauce, or a traditional kebab. Stop in for the buffet-style breakfast that includes traditional pastries and succulent meats, along with other authentic Georgian treats. Deda restaurant has a breathtaking view of the sea and emphasizes creativity, culture and atmosphere.  

Bat Yam

Bat Yam Performing Arts Center

The Bat Yam Performing Arts Center is the place to be for high-level cultural performances, including dance, comedy, music, and theater shows by leading theaters in Israel. Note that most of the performances are in Hebrew, but there are plenty of dance recitals.

Bat Yam

Tayo Beach

Tayo Beach is a favorite among locals due to its location. Enjoy the gentle summer breeze and watch the sunset as you sip a cocktail and dine on one of Tayo Beach’s delicious meals. The menu is varied, containing breakfast dishes, pizza, sandwiches, salads, fish, meats, pastries and a variety of light snacks. Take a break from surfing to enjoy a beer from the extensive drink list or get fueled by a cup of coffee. Tayo Beach is a convenient and delicious summer dining spot that will let you make the most of your beach day.  

Rishon LeTsion


Chef Alexander aims to turn home-cooked style dishes into gourmet meals, with menu items including hash browns, meat dumplings, filled pastas, jellied meats, pancakes and other delicious treats. Yoresh’s menu combines hearty Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Bavarian, German and French recipes to create a multicultural explosion in your mouth. The restaurant has a quiet, relaxed atmosphere filled with mouth-watering aromas of fresh cooking. Enjoy a drink from the large beer menu, and sit back to enjoy major sports events on one of Yoresh’s large flat screen televisions. It is a great spot for date night or to rent out for events.

Bat Yam

HaSela Beach

‘Sela’ means rock in Hebrew, and ‘The Rock Beach’ lives up to its name. Surrounded by rocks, HaSela is a quiet beach, with chairs and umbrellas available for rental. With a stunning view, HaSela is a great place to take a stroll or lay the day away in the sun. A favorite beach for families with small children, a large rock in the sea with a breakwater creates a lagoon that protects from large waves. HaSela beach is in close proximity to the Bat Yam Promenade, making it easy to access many fine restaurants and bars at the end of the day.  

Bat Yam

Havayeda Science Center

The goal of the Havayeda Science Center is to impart knowledge on visitors while they have a fun experience. Founded by the award-winning tutoring and mentoring organization, Perach, there are currently seven locations across Israel. Explore interactive exhibits, participate in laboratory experiments or join in on a guided tour, workshop or class. Havayeda Science Center gives students a chance to learn about science, mathematics and logic games in a hands-on manner. Havayeda offers day camps during vacation times and hosts birthday parties. The center is not available for individuals, only schools and groups by appointment.

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Kelim Choreography Center

The Kelim Choreography Center aims to develop the connection between artists, audiences and communities through experimental choreographic practice. Kelim was founded in 2009 by Anat Danieli, Tal Gravinsky and various other young choreographers, with a desire to teach, research and create. Today, the center hosts a residency dance program, various performances and festivals, international collaborations, community projects and more. The Kelim Choreography Center functions based on the principles of listening and collaboration.

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