7 dog-friendly places to go in Tel Aviv

Whether you’re a dog owner, dog walker or dog watcher, these dog-friendly spots are for you

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It’s no secret that Tel Aviv is one of (it not the) dog-friendliest place on Earth. The Tel Aviv municipality has labelled Tel Aviv as the friendliest place in the world for dogs with 1 dog to every 17 residents and therefore the city with the highest amount of dogs per capita in the world. While you might be caught off-guard at first, you soon get used to finding fido hiding beneath the table next to you at Miznon on King George Street or HaMinzar behind the Carmel Market. Heck, there are even dog-friendly bars where the number of dogs inside almost rivals the number of humans. You don’t have to own man’s best friends to enjoy their company either; there are a huge selection of outdoor parks–from Gan Meir to Park HaYarkon–that invite dog enthusiasts to marvel, play, and aspire to own one of their own all at the same time (and you even can on Gan Meir’s doggy adoption days). And so, while the list may be endless, we've highlighted seven of the dog-friendliest places in Tel Aviv.

7 fido friendly places in Tel Aviv


Dog Beach

Tel Aviv municipality designated a few dog-friendly beaches, the most popular is located between the northern Hilton beach and the religious beach (separate beaches). You’ll spot it by the sheer number of wet pooch’s having a great time splashing around in the sea. You can also head down south to Alma beach where dogs are welcome to play while you catch some rays. For a full list of dog beaches in Tel Aviv check the municipality website.

dog park
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Park Hayarkon

The summer days of sand come and go, but the park is here to stay. Although beach season attracts tourists and locals to the Mediterranean coastline like bees to honey, the colder weather tends to scare them off. Hayarkon park, however, is magnificent in its own colorful way year round. Tel Aviv's Central Park has unlimited grassy area for your dogs to enjoy, and a good number of designated dog parks as well. If you're not a dog owner, the park is also a great place to sit down with a book and pretend to read while actually watching the dogs play.

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Volunteer With Your Dog

The city loves your dog so deeply, that a special non-profit was set up to help you & your dog give back to the community. כלבי-ליטוף (or in direct English translation ‘Dog-Petting’) is an organisation that allows dogs and their owners to visit hospitals and old-age homes in the Tel Aviv area. You’ll be asked to complete a short course with your dog and will then be given options for old-age homes to visit and brighten up the lives of the elderly or sick. Check out their Facebook page for more information.

Dog hotel
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Dog Hotels

icon-location-pin White City

If you’re a tourist in Tel Aviv and not sure how friendly hotels will be towards your pooch, you’re in luck. According to BringFido, (a website that lets you check how far you can travel with your best friend), there are hundreds of dog friendly hotels in Israel and Tel Aviv. That doesn’t mean you’ll be forced to sleep in a 3-star hotel, some of the most luxurious hotels like Hotel Montefiore and the Sheraton Towers are all dog friendly.  

Hotel Montefiore, 36 Montefiore St, Tel Aviv

Sheraton Hotel, 115 HaYarkon St, Tel Aviv

Dog cafe
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Restaurants, Cafés

Zorik Café

icon-location-pin Old North

Located in the leafy northern part of the city, Cafe Zorik is a neighborhood cafe that houses hungry residents looking for delicious breakfasts and coffee. With a large outdoor seating area it also makes it a great dog-friendly destination. If you are a remote worker sitting over a laptop and a coffee, your dog will be offered a large dog bone (albeit for a price) and showered with attention by it’s dog-loving waiters. Other great dog-friendly cafés include: Coffee Shop 51, Café Xoho, and Origem Fresh Coffee.

Gan Meir
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Attractions, Parks and gardens

Gan Meir (Meir Park)

icon-location-pin Tel Aviv City Center

Located just off the central King George street, Gan Meir is the epitome of parks. The dog park at its King George exit attracts dog lovers and owners alike, while kids run through the grassy fields at all hours of the day. On top of its green area, Gan Meir also features a pond, a public library on wheels, a basketball court, ping pong tables, an outdoor gym, and so much more. It even houses a Landwer Café for those who want to sit back and enjoy a coffee while people watching. With the Gay center on its grounds, the park is extremely Gay-friendly as well. This park is great for weekend birthday parties or a game of pickup.  

Dog spa
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Dog Wash

In the summer months in Tel Aviv, dog washes are a great way to freshen up. Recently dog-washes have been springing up all over the city. There are a bunch of hipster, self-service joints to the south of the city, but if you want to give your dog the royal treatment, the new Dirty Dog Spa will give your dog a one-of-a-kind experience.

Dirty Dog Spa, 272 Dizengoff St, Tel Aviv

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